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Pep Talks and Q&As

It's normal to have questions about living with celiac disease. Other kids have the same questions you do! Check out the questions and answers below to get answers to common questions about dealing with friends, talking with parents and eating gluten-free.

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Dealing with Friends

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Talking to Your Parents

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Eating Gluten-Free

Pep Talks

The gluten-free diet keeps you healthy, but sometimes being the only one with celiac disease can be hard.

You can do anything you put your mind to! The messages below are special "Pep Talks" just for gluten-free kids like you. They come from people who know what it's like to have celiac disease.

Each message also includes 5 tips or things that can help you keep a positive attitude about your gluten-free lifestyle. Enjoy!


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Complete our Celiac Disease Symptoms Checklist today to find out if you could have celiac disease and how to talk to your doctor about getting tested.