Celiac Awareness Month



May is Celiac Awareness Month. Beyond Celiac has always celebrated this month with a variety of events and campaigns that spread awareness about this serious genetic autoimmune disease.

This year, during these uncertain times, celiac disease patients are united in sharing messages of solidarity, health and, most importantly, hope. We hope for future treatments and a cure. We hope for a future where we can live and eat without fear. We hope for a day when the uncertainties of today are far behind us.

To make all this happen, we are still moving Beyond Celiac. Beyond Celiac is here until celiac disease is cured. Even in the face of adversity, we continue to move forward—with urgency and determination—awareness, advocacy and hope. And most importantly, we are continuing to move forward research for treatments and a cure for celiac disease. Our commitment remains and we will move toward our mission no matter what.

Will you join us in continuing to move toward a world Beyond Celiac?

Let’s Move Toward a Cure Together

Celiac disease research can’t wait. Make a difference! Help us continue our work in helping people with celiac disease live better, longer, until we find a cure. No amount is too large or too small to make a difference.

THIS MAY, EACH NEW SIGN-UP FOR A RECURRING MONTHLY DONATION—NO MATTER THE SIZE—WILL BE MATCHED WITH A $25 GIFT TO BEYOND CELIAC! Set up a recurring monthly donation and your gift will be matched with $25 from a generous donor—up to $5,000! Just select “donate monthly” and put in any amount. Our goal is to get 200 new monthly donors in May! 

Thank you to our Celiac Awareness Month Sponsor!

Easy Ways To Help Us Keep Moving Beyond Celiac This Celiac Awareness Month

1. Spread Awareness

Did you know that most people need to see a message seven times to remember it? As we encourage every year, take time this Celiac Awareness Month to reflect on how celiac disease may be an invisible illness in your life and share our videos, infographics, or website with anyone who may benefit from knowing even just a little more about the hidden truths of living with celiac disease. The more you share celiac disease info on your feed, the more you’ll help raise awareness. Social media is an amazing way to educate. The average person has 338 friends on Facebook; sharing links and info with your friends can help spread the word quickly!

Shareable Content

Beyond Celiac Public Service Announcement: 

Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease that affects 3 million Americans. This public service announcement brings awareness to the seriousness of celiac disease while highlighting real patients and the need for research for treatments and a cure.

It will be shared across television channels in the United States in partnership with Comcast.

Beyond Celiac Zoom Background:

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Beyond Celiac Facebook Frame:

Celiac Disease Infographics:

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Infographic: Celiac Disease at a Glance
Invisible Illness Infographic Preview

Research News Stories: 

Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. Read and share the stories on our Research News Feed.

Meet Arturo Video:

Learn more about our spokesman, Arturo Chacon-Cruz.

Seriously, Celiac Disease Video:

Find more Shareable Videos on our Youtube page.

Our Social Pages:

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2. Donate or Raise Funds for Celiac Disease Research

Each year, individual people like you raise a total of $1.45 billion in support of something they believe in. Research takes money and every dollar counts. 

Start a Facebook Fundraiser or Donate Directly to Beyond Celiac!

3. Share Your Celiac Disease Story

500,000: That’s the number of people diagnosed with celiac disease who have a story that can provide the clues that could lead to a treatment and cure. This year, we launched a unique online community, Go Beyond Celiac, that collects and compiles these stories from people with celiac disease and their caregivers about their journeys before, during and after diagnosis. Together, we can ensure that researchers understand our community’s concerns so they find solutions that meet our needs, and ultimately, find a cure. Every story shared brings us one step closer to a cure.

Sign up today at Go.BeyondCeliac.org

4. Register for the Virtual Step Beyond Celiac 5K

Sign up for our Virtual Step Beyond Celiac 5K and walk for celiac disease research from anywhere any day in May.

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Celiac Disease and Covid-19

New Surveys in Go Beyond Celiac

We’ve added two new important surveys to our Go Beyond Celiac website and app! These surveys will collect critical data on celiac disease and the new coronavirus COVID-19.

The first survey will collect information on how the coronavirus is impacting our community during this unprecedented time, as well as information on managing celiac disease during a pandemic and changes in habits. The second new survey covers those with celiac disease who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 so that we can better answer questions about how having celiac disease affects risk levels, treatment and more.

If you’ve signed up for Go Beyond Celiac, please log in and check out the new surveys. If you haven’t already done so, please become a member of Go Beyond Celiac today and start sharing your story.

With the power of your voice, Go Beyond Celiac is shaping a new model for engaging patients in research.

*Due to privacy restrictions, Go Beyond Celiac is currently only able to register users in the United States at this time—we hope to expand to other regions as soon as possible.

JOIN us at Go.BeyondCeliac.org

Beyond Celiac Answers Coronavirus FAQs


This May, we are also pleased to take part in the international #CeliacUnited/#CoeliacUnited social media campaign that brings together celiac-related organizations from across the globe.

#CeliacUnited #CoeliacUnited is an international campaign of solidarity in the face of COVID-19 during this Celiac Disease Awareness Month.

Share these images on your social media channels with the hashtag #CeliacUnited or #CoeliacUnited during the month of May to show that we are stronger together in the face of crisis.

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