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Celiac Awareness Month


May is Celiac Awareness Month! To celebrate, Beyond Celiac is raising $65K in May for celiac disease research!

We’re working to end the stigma and misinformation surrounding celiac disease while empowering our community! And together, we’re working toward a cure for this serious autoimmune disease.

REGISTER NOW FOR OUR STEP BEYOND CELIAC 5K to have fun and raise funds for research. You can also donate directly on the page or create a fundraiser.

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Easy Ways To Help Us Keep Moving Beyond Celiac This Celiac Awareness Month

1. Raise Your Voice!

Do you have a story about living with celiac disease? What was your diagnosis journey like? How do you manage life with celiac disease? What do you hope for the future of the celiac disease community? Share your story to RAISE YOUR VOICE!

2. Register for the Virtual Step Beyond Celiac 5K

Sign up for our Virtual Step Beyond Celiac 5K and walk for celiac disease research from anywhere any day in May.

Register Now!

3. Spread Awareness

Did you know that most people need to see a message seven times to remember it? As we encourage every year, take time this Celiac Awareness Month to reflect on how celiac disease may be an invisible illness in your life and share our videos, infographics, or website with anyone who may benefit from knowing even just a little more about the hidden truths of living with celiac disease. The more you share celiac disease info on your feed, the more you’ll help raise awareness. Social media is an amazing way to educate. The average person has 338 friends on Facebook; sharing links and info with your friends can help spread the word quickly!

Shareable Content

Beyond Celiac Public Service Announcement: 

Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease that affects 3 million Americans. This public service announcement brings awareness to the seriousness of celiac disease while highlighting real patients and the need for research for treatments and a cure.

It will be shared across television channels in the United States in partnership with Comcast.

Beyond Celiac Zoom Background:

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Beyond Celiac Facebook Frame:

Celiac Disease Social Graphics:

Click the pictures for full size, shareable versions.

Celiac Disease Infographics:

Click the pictures for full size, shareable versions.

Infographic: Celiac Disease at a Glance
Invisible Illness Infographic Preview

Research News Stories: 

Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. Read and share the stories on our Research News Feed.

Meet Arturo Video:

Learn more about our spokesman, Arturo Chacon-Cruz.

Seriously, Celiac Disease Video:

Find more Shareable Videos on our Youtube page.

Our Social Pages:

Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and share content directly from us!

4. Help Celiac Disease Researchers

~500,000: That’s the number of people diagnosed with celiac disease who have unique information that can provide the clues that could lead to a treatment and cure. Join our online research database and app, Go Beyond Celiac, to ensure that researchers understand our community’s concerns so they find solutions that meet our needs, and ultimately, find a cure. Every story shared brings us one step closer to a cure.

Sign up today at Go.BeyondCeliac.org

5. Attend a Beyond Celiac Virtual Town Hall

May 18, 2022

Join Maria Luci and Kate Avery, MPH, of Beyond Celiac along with Dan Leffler, MD, MS, AGAF, and Doug Jacobstein, MD, as they discuss the importance of patient participation in accelerating celiac disease research along with some of the exciting studies currently moving ahead because of patient involvement.

Register for this free event.


This May, we are also pleased to take part in the international Shine a Light on Celiac campaign that brings together celiac-related organizations from across the globe to support celiac disease awareness in a variety of ways.

Visit the Shine a Light on Celiac page to learn more! 

Think you may have celiac disease?

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