Community Advocacy

Advocacy: Our community has the power to drive change by encouraging our legislators to support initiatives that make it easier for people with celiac disease to safely consume gluten-free foods, beverages, medications and supplements AND to drive funding for celiac disease research.

How You Can Help

Watch this page for new initiatives that you can support.

Current Intiatives:

Then, contact your representatives and encourage them to support legislative initiatives.

1. Call, write, email, or send a message to your Senators and Congressional reps. Include a personal story. 
2. Set up district meetings as Senators are back home during recesses.
3. Attend local events and talk to their your Senators and their staff at the events urging them to cosponsor.

Download a sample letter for your congressperson written by the staff at Beyond Celiac:

Contact Your Representatives

Where Beyond Celiac Made an Impact