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YOU Have the Power to Make Change

Everyone can get involved in helping people with celiac disease to live better, longer. Here are 6 things you can do right now to support Beyond Celiac and the 3 million Americans living with celiac disease.

1. Give and Raise Money


We have our sights set on a cure for celiac disease. Until we reach that goal, we’ll put our energy into helping people with celiac disease live better, longer.

Give today to support our life-saving work.

Donate now



Advocate for celiac disease research by raising money to support research. It’s easy!

Accelerating treatments and a cure for celiac disease depends upon engaging outstanding clinical and basic scientists in careers devoted to celiac disease research.

Our fundraising pages can be set up in minutes and gives you all the tools you need to raise money for the fight of our lives.


2. Participate

Participate in Research at GO BEYOND CELIAC

Advance celiac disease research by telling your story. Visit Go Beyond Celiac, register and complete the surveys. The data we collect is being shared with researchers so they can better understand the disease and develop treatment options. There is also the opportunity to enroll in a patient registry for participation in upcoming clinical trials.

Sign Up for a Step Beyond Celiac 5K

Step Beyond Celiac 5Ks raise much-needed funds for celiac disease research… and they’re fun too! Learn more at

Volunteer for Beyond Celiac

Interested in volunteering or learning more about volunteer opportunities with Beyond Celiac and/or our events? Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page or contact [email protected].

3. Get Shopping

The Getting Started Gluten-Free Store

The Beyond Celiac Team has put together a list of their favorite gluten-free foods and kitchen essentials from to get you started on the gluten-free diet, or to help you continue managing your gluten-free kitchen. A percentage of sales made through this store goes back to Beyond Celiac.

Get Shopping Now!

The Beyond Celiac Zazzle Store

Funds raised go toward celiac disease research projects – so by buying, you’re not only spreading awareness and getting something cute, you’re helping to pay for research. A win, win, win!

For fun celiac-related items visit the Beyond Celiac online store.

4. Contact Your Representatives

Our community has the power to drive change by encouraging our legislators to support initiatives that make it easier for people with celiac disease to safely consume gluten-free foods, beverages, medications and supplements and to drive federal funding for celiac disease research.

Get involved with Beyond Celiac community advocacy initiatives.

Think you may have celiac disease?

Symptoms Checklist