Now what? Making the transition to a gluten-free diet is one of the first steps in restoring health and reclaiming your life, but it requires a life-long commitment.

Newly Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a serious, genetic autoimmune disorder triggered by consuming a protein called gluten. Learn more about celiac disease, or read information for people who are newly diagnosed.

How to Get Started with the Gluten-Free Diet

There is a lot to learn about the gluten-free diet. Even though it is overwhelming at first, know that the diet will get easier to manage over time. We're here to get you through it! Getting Started With the Gluten-Free Diet  

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Even if your blood test for celiac disease was negative, it may be possible that you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Learn more.

Related Conditions

Celiac disease affects every system in the body, so many conditions can be related to the autoimmune disease. View a list of related conditions.
Families & Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is Genetic

Celiac disease runs in families. If you've been diagnosed with celiac disease, your biological relatives should be tested for it as well.

Talking to Your Family

Your family members can have celiac disease without even knowing it, but having a conversation about it can be difficult. We've made a video that shows how to have this conversation:  

Additional Information

Celiac Disease & Women's Health

Prevalence in Women

Women in the general population are diagnosed with celiac disease two to three times more often than men. Learn more.

Symptoms in Women

Women have several specific symptoms of celiac disease. For example, unexplained infertility can sometimes be the only sign of undiagnosed celiac disease. Learn more about celiac disease symptoms in women.

Testing & Diagnosis in Women

There's evidence that celiac disease exists in 4%-8% of women with unexplained infertility. However, there are currently no guidelines for celiac disease testing in patients with infertility. Learn more about celiac disease testing for women.

Celiac Disease & Pregnancy

The gluten-free diet is currently the only treatment for celiac disease, but such a diet is frequently found to be low in calcium, iron, fiber, zinc and other vitamins and minerals. Learn how to maximize nutrition during pregnancy.
Kids with Celiac Disease

Information for Kids

Celiac disease can be confusing for kids. We've put together some information for kids with relatively simple terminology and explanations to help them learn about celiac disease. The celiac disease community is active and vocal online. Connect with others living with celiac disease through these blogs.

Information for Parents

Whether you're wondering if your child may have celiac disease or you're looking for some help to keep you and your gluten-free kid on the right track, Beyond Celiac is here to help:

Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids

We've gone through our extensive collection of gluten-free recipes and selected ones that kids may enjoy:
Common Concerns
At Beyond Celiac, we know exactly what you're going through now that you are diagnosed with celiac disease. Many of us have been there, too! We are here to help you every step of the way. In this section, we'll give you advice and best practices for tackling common concerns of people living with this serious genetic autoimmune disease.

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