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Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. To view all information related to drug development and research, please visit our main celiac disease research page. Learn about the Beyond Celiac Science Department here.

Latest Celiac Disease Research Articles


Can celiac disease be detected in saliva?

The mouth and the intestine share characteristics that might make a saliva test for celiac disease the first step in diagnosis, a new study from Spain suggests.


Dating with celiac disease doesn’t read like a romantic novel

A new survey reveals dating difficulty for those who have celiac disease. One in five said the overall dating experience is not enjoyable. Nearly 40 percent are uncomfortable on a date when they have to explain their need for gluten-free food to restaurant servers. Nearly 30 percent take risks when eating and eight percent have eaten gluten knowingly


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