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It only takes a few minutes to raise critical funds for celiac disease research! Explore the options below to see which one is right for you.

Fundraising Opportunities for Beyond Celiac:

5 Tips for Successful Fundraising

  1. Personalize your message. Your supporters want to hear why you care about finding a cure for celiac disease and how they can help. We have templates to get you started, but your words, photos and inspiration are what will connect you with your supporters and bring your story to life.
  2. Set a clear fundraising goal and gather support. Share your goal with friends and family and get them involved to help you reach it! As a team, identify talents and skills that can help your fundraising efforts.
  3. Be the first to donate. Inspire others by making the first donation yourself. This helps kick things off and shows potential supporters that you are serious about the cause. Consider asking others to match your gift.
  4. Follow up on donation asks. Most of us are bombarded by emails and social media alerts, so it’s easy for your fundraiser to slip through the cracks, even if people are invested. Don’t be shy, keep reminding them! The majority of donations come in within the last two weeks of a campaign.
  5. Say “thank you!” Take the time to express your gratitude in a meaningful way. Make your supporters feel a part of your efforts. send a personal thank you note or email to everyone who donates. Make sure to send a final update post-event with fundraising totals that shares your gratitude and experience.

Remember, you already have everything you need to be a successful fundraiser! If you’d like additional help getting started or figuring out which option is best for you, contact [email protected].

Think you may have celiac disease?

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