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so we can forge the pathways to a cure.

Celiac Disease Research News

The world of celiac disease research changes and evolves each and every day. Beyond Celiac keeps the community up-to-date on research in many ways, including our Research News Feed and the Research Opt-In.

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Recent Research News & Articles:

  • Celiac disease explored in depth at DDW (05/20/2019)

    Celiac Disease is being explored in depth in San Diego at Digestive Disease Week (DDW), the largest international gathering of physicians, researchers and academics in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and gastrointestinal surgery.

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Celiac Disease in the News:

  • The Celiac Disease Paradox (05/10/2019)

    The celiac disease community is caught between being empowered to take control of our well-being while struggling to do so because our only treatment – the gluten-free diet – is burdensome and unreliable

  • The Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2019 (04/22/2019)

    On April 3, 2019, Representative Tim Ryan [D-OH] introduced H.R. 2074, the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2019 to the congressional floor. If passed, the bill would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require gluten be labeled in all medications.

Treatment Options in the Pipeline

Current Treatments are Limited

Currently, the gluten-free diet is the only treatment for celiac disease. However, researchers are working hard to find alternative therapies and possibly even a cure.

Drug Development

A potential celiac disease vaccine is moving closer to reality. Whenever new information is available we update our Research News feed and our Celiac Disease Vaccine page.

Additional resources:

Clinical Trials

Researchers around the world are working to develop new treatments for celiac disease. As a person affected by celiac disease, you can play an important role in advancing research by participating in clinical trials.

View our Clinical Trials Infographic to learn how clinical trials tie into to drug development process.

The Celiac Disease Research Symposium

The 3rd Annual Research Symposium

The 3rd Annual Beyond Celiac Research Symposium will be held on May 30, 2019 at the University of Pennsylvania. The event is free and open to the public and will be followed by a complimentary gluten-free reception.

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The 2nd Annual Research Symposium

Beyond Celiac hosted its 2nd Annual Celiac Disease Research Symposium, on October 10, 2018. World renowned celiac disease experts joined us in Philadelphia to discuss the very latest in celiac disease research. More information can be found on the event homepage, and a video of the event is available on YouTube:


The 1st Annual Research Symposium

The Bold Beyond Research Symposium on November 9, 2017 was the first presented by Beyond Celiac as part of its mission to advance research to find a treatment and, eventually, a cure for celiac disease. More information can be found on the event homepage, our event summary, or you can watch the event for yourself on YouTube:

Amplifying Your Voice

People living with celiac disease are the key to making progress in research. Beyond Celiac works to connect patients with researchers so they can work to address your most pressing needs.

Go Beyond Celiac

Go Beyond Celiac is an online community created by people with celiac disease, for people with celiac disease. Join today to help advance celiac disease research by sharing your stories and experience:



The Beyond Celiac Science Team

Marie Robert, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Robert is a nationally recognized gastrointestinal (GI) liver and pancreatic surgical pathologist with 25 years of experience in clinical diagnosis, teaching and collaborative scientific endeavors across a wide spectrum of diseases, including inflammatory and neoplastic conditions of the GI tract.  

Dr. Robert will lead the development and implementation of a transformational patient-centered research agenda focused on accelerating solutions toward new pharmaceutical treatments and a cure for celiac disease. She will develop and establish research and funding priorities and will translate the Beyond Celiac Research Consortium findings to impact patients in areas including clinical decision-making about diagnosis, disease management, treatment, and eventually a cure.

Kate Avery, MPH, Director of Research and Patient Engagement

Kate supports and engages patients and caregivers who share their experiences and stories with us in pursuit of increased diagnosis and improved disease management and treatment. She has worked on multiple qualitative and quantitative research projects focused on understanding the diagnostic and disease management experience and has long been interested in health communications and the patient journey.

Amy Ratner, Medical and Science News Analyst

With over two decades of experience in journalism, much of it centered around gluten-free living, Amy Ratner joined the Beyond Celiac team in 2016 to bring the latest celiac disease updates to the masses. She regularly reports on and curates the latest in celiac disease research and shares it in patient- and community-friendly language.

The Beyond Celiac Scientific and Medical Advisory Panels

Beyond Celiac has worked with experts in the field of celiac disease through its Medical Advisory Council since its founding. Established in 2003, the Beyond Celiac Medical Advisory Council has played an integral role in establishing and maintaining evidence-based standards for the organization and represents the very best in scientific and medical practice. In 2019, Beyond Celiac expanded its scope of expertise by creating its Scientific Advisory Council as one of the first steps in meeting the goal of finding new treatments and a cure for celiac disease. This new scientific advisory council includes celiac disease, immunology and drug development experts.

Research Grant Opportunities

Beyond Celiac is announcing the creation of the Society for the Study of Celiac Disease - Beyond Celiac Early Career Research Award, a joint venture to attract exceptionally promising early career academic investigators to the field of celiac disease research. The award will provide a clear and bold opportunity to expand the scope of research in this field that, to date, has been underfunded and underexplored.

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