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Beyond Celiac Research Symposiums

Beyond Celiac Research Symposiums

Since 2017, Beyond Celiac has hosted annual celiac disease research symposiums in Philadelphia, PA. Each symposium brings together world renowned celiac disease experts to discuss the very latest in celiac disease research.

2019: The 3rd Annual Research Symposium

Held May 30, 2019

Topics included: Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the “patient voice” and the role of the patient in shaping clinical trials, and the latest updates on recent clinical trials and drugs in the development pipeline.

Moderator: Speakers: More Info:
Marie Robert, MD Joseph Murray, MD
Sonia Kupfer, MD
Linda Deal, MS


“Clinical trials are research to try to determine if a new medical treatment is safe and does it work,” said Murray, who regularly sees patients and does research at the Mayo Clinic. He said 30 percent of celiac disease patients on a gluten-free diet still have symptoms, demonstrating a “substantial need” for new treatments.


2018: The 2nd Annual Research Symposium

Held October 10, 2018

Moderator: Speakers: More Info:
Marie Robert, MD Ciaran Kelly, MD
Maureen M. Leonard, MD, MMSc
Stephen D Miller, PhD


“Only through research are we going to be able to improve the quality of life for people in the celiac disease community. And for research to progress, our community needs to be aware, interested and involved,” said Marie Robert, M.D., Beyond Celiac chief scientific officer and symposium moderator.

2017: Bold Beyond, The Inaugural Research Symposium

Held November 9, 2017

Moderator: Speakers: More Info:
Alice Bast, CEO of
Beyond Celiac
Ciaran Kelly, MD
Anthony J. DiMarino, MD
Daniel Leffler, MD
Ritu Verma, MD



“If those who have celiac disease don’t participate in research, we will go nowhere. We can’t do research in celiac disease if we don’t have co-operation across the spectrum of individuals who have celiac disease,” Ciaran Kelly, M.D., director of the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, told a symposium audience of 1,700. “It’s an absolute essential. Without it we might as well go home.”



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