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Voice & Vision: The State of Celiac Disease Research

We're proud to introduce our Voice & Vision: The State of Celiac Disease Research video series, which provides a powerful way for key opinion leaders and researchers to share current findings directly with those affected by celiac disease.


Episode 5: Healing in Celiac Disease Patients, with Benjamin Lebwohl, MD

In part two of his Voice and Vision video interview, Benjamin Lebwohl, M.D., a gastroenterologist who is director of clinical research at the Disease Center at Columbia University Celiac, explores healing in celiac disease. He focuses on studies of celiac disease patients following the gluten-free diet that compared those whose had intestinal healing to those who did not.  Watch to learn the impact healing has on obstetric issues, lymphoma and fractures. Plus see what areas of celiac disease Lebwohl cites as critically needing more study.

Episode 4: The Toll of the Gluten-Free Diet, with Benjamin Lebwohl, MD

Benjamin Lebwohl, M.D., a gastroenterologist who is director of clinical research at the Disease Center at Columbia University Celiac, evaluates the toll of the gluten-free diet through his recent research into the way very strict adherence to the diet affects celiac disease patients. His findings raise issues about the burden of the diet and the need for treatments to protect against trace gluten that is nearly impossible to avoid. Watch to find out what researchers found when they asked patients about the diet and its impact on their quality of life.

Episode 3: The Doggie Bag Study with Jocelyn Silvester, MD

Jocelyn Silvester, M.D., director of research of the Celiac Disease Program at Boston Children’s Hospital talks about the Doggie Bag study. Celiac disease patients who participated in the study provided samples of the food they are ate and their stool and urine. Researchers then measured how much gluten was in the food and how much was excreted by the body to get a better understanding of how much gluten is getting into the gluten-free diet of patients. Watch what Silvester says about the impact this could have on our understanding of whether the safe level of gluten in food is the same for all celiac disease patients.

Episode 2: GEMM Babies Shine a Light on Celiac Disease Research with Maureen Leonard, MD, MMSc

Maureen Leonard, MD, clinical director, Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, who has celiac disease herself, discusses the GEMM study, which follows at-risk babies and children. The study aims to find out what causes celiac disease and what might be done to prevent it.

Episode 1: Accomplishments & Aspirations in Celiac Disease Research with Markku Maki, MD, PhD

Our first episode features notable celiac disease researcher Markku Maki, MD, PhD--research director Tampere University Hospital--who discusses past accomplishments and future aspirations in the field of celiac disease research. 

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