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Voices of Celiac Disease: Share Your Personal Story

Do you have a story about living with celiac disease? What was your diagnosis journey like? How do you manage life with celiac disease? What do you hope for the future of the celiac disease community?

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Beyond Celiac wants to spread awareness and understanding by highlighting diverse stories of people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

We’ve created the following form to make it easier for you to share your experiences. Your participation will illustrate the breadth of our journeys to diagnosis and help Beyond Celiac raise awareness, improve diagnosis rates and help those living with gluten-related disorders.

If you choose to participate, you give Beyond Celiac permission to reprint your story in whole or in part on its website and other materials, either with attribution or anonymously. You also have the opportunity to tell us you’re willing to be contacted by Beyond Celiac for a follow-up interview. Your participation is completely voluntary.

We reserve the right to edit content for clarity, length and appropriateness. 

Add Your Voice By Sharing Your Story – It Matters!

In addition to this survey opportunity, Beyond Celiac collects confidential in-depth data about diagnosis, symptoms and health after diagnosis through surveys at Go Beyond Celiac. We invite those who are willing to share their experiences to do so there as well. 

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