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Gluten-Free Dining

Just because you have celiac disease, you don't have to give up on dining out with your friends and family. Of course, there are always risks when someone else is preparing food for you and your family. By understanding common ingredients and risky cross-contact areas, you can minimize your chances of accidentally eating gluten.

Explaining Your Gluten-Free Needs in Restaurants

How do you explain to a restaurant that you're gluten-free? Telling your server is an important first step, but it can also help to have a resource to make sure that the restaurant understands how to proceed once you make that gluten-free request.

This tip sheet – “Dining Tips from Beyond Celiac” – walks you through a number of important questions that can help you determine if a restaurant is properly prepared to meet your gluten-free needs. This guide cannot guarantee a safe meal, but it can help you feel more confident and comfortable when speaking with the staff about their gluten-free options.  

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Download: Gluten-Free Dining Tips from Beyond Celiac


More Gluten-Free Dining Tips from the Experts

Still looking for more information on dining out safely? Grab tips from gluten-free dining experts to share their tips with you so you can enjoy dining out again and eat without fear.


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