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Using Education & Training to Keep Meals Safe

Using Education & Training to Keep Meals Safe

If we don’t tell foodservice establishments we needsafe gluten-free food, who will? It is up to the gluten-free community to let them know. GREAT Kitchens logo

Beyond Celiac is ready to help you get the message out there every way we can. We’re working behind the scenes to get restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and any other establishment serving gluten-free food up to speed on safe preparation processes through the GREAT Kitchens and GREAT Schools, Colleges and Camps online training programs.

We have the tools to teach foodservice establishments, but we need your help to raise awareness!

Are you a foodservice establishment looking to learn more about the GREAT programs? Please visit our microsite geared toward your needs at www.greatGFkitchens.org.

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