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Using Education & Training to Keep Meals Safe

Free Downloadable Resources

Thank you for your interest and commitment to making dining outside the home safer for you and your fellow gluten-free community members!  Here are some resources to help guide your conversations about the GREAT training programs.

Informational Sheet on GREAT Kitchens

Share this document with restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and other establishments you think could benefit from online gluten-free training.

Informational Sheet on GREAT Schools, Colleges and Camps

Share this document with elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, camps, early childcare centers and other educational establishments you would like to take the online gluten-free training course

Informational Sheet on GREAT Accreditation

Only those establishments that can prove they have implemented the GREAT training can be eligible to earn GREAT Accreditation. Share this document with schools, restaurants and any other foodservice establishment interested in GREAT training. 

Dining Tips Sheet

Download this document for valuable tips to help keep you safe when dining outside the home. This guide also contains a tear-sheet that you can leave with your bill at an establishment that you'd like to take one of the GREAT training programs.


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