Our Science & Research Plan

Pathway to Treatments and a Cure

To Beyond Celiac, a cure means real treatment options so those with celiac disease can live healthy lives and eat without fear.

Our mission has evolved to one of advancing the science of celiac disease because we firmly believe that with a strategic approach to funding-focused research, an effective treatment or cure could be possible by 2030. To accomplish that goal, we are laser-focused on addressing the many current barriers.

Barriers to a Cure for Celiac Disease

  • Celiac disease is poorly understood by the medical community
  • Limited support for early career scholars/researchers
  • Serious nature of the disease is underappreciated
  • Too many people remain undiagnosed
  • Lack of funding and strategic focus for research
  • Assumption that the gluten-free diet is enough

With your support, Beyond Celiac will be the catalyst for the next wave of practical celiac disease research efforts.

—Our Team—

Our Science Team:

We have created a science department led by a Chief Science and Strategy Officer to determine the highest and best use of our resources in driving new treatments for people with celiac disease. We are focused on clinical advancements for our community.

Our Full Staff:

Beyond Celiac is staffed with highly qualified professionals—the right people in the right positions to fulfill our mission.

Our Scientific Advisory Board:

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary group of leaders in celiac disease research to advise us on how to achieve maximum impact.

Members include scientists and physicians with backgrounds in the research and treatment of celiac disease, immunology, mucosal biology, pharmaceutical research, and other associated specialties.

—Our Scientific Priorities—

The large, diverse celiac disease community continues to suffer from high daily burdens in coping with the disease, and we need treatments and a cure. Beyond Celiac has crafted its science plan to change the future for the 3.2 million Americans living with this serious genetic autoimmune disorder.

Evidence Generation
Highlighting the seriousness of celiac disease

Through Go Beyond Celiac and other initiatives, we are collecting and analyzing comprehensive  data on the burden of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. With this information, we can increase awareness and make a compelling case for larger investments from government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biotech and more.

How we’re collecting/analyzing data:

  • Patient Registry & Database  — We have built – and continue to expand – a patient database and registry called Go Beyond Celiac. The secure website and app collects self-reported data to learn more about life with celiac disease and help researchers better understand this serious genetic autoimmune disease. With thousands of participants already enrolled, this rapidly expanding group has indicated a strong willingness to participate in research and clinical trials and to provide data that scientists need to make progress on a cure.
  • NMQF Partnership — We have formed a partnership with the National Minority Quality Forum to unearth and address health disparities across multiple populations in celiac disease diagnosis and treatment.

Translational Research
Accelerating scientific progress toward a cure

We are funding promising research that quickly translates from scientific investigation to clinical use, speeding the development of treatments for patients.

Learn more about the innovative research we’re currently funding:

Clinical Trials
Enabling faster approval of treatments

As the nation’s top recruiter for celiac disease clinical trials, we will continue educating our community about the importance of participating in trials. We will also work with pharmaceutical companies to ensure trials are designed with patient perspectives in mind.

Learn more about how we’re assisting clinical trials:

Drug Repurposing
Leveraging existing solutions for our community

We will invest significant resources to identify treatments that have been investigated or approved for other purposes but might also benefit celiac disease patients, reducing risk, cost and time to market for potential celiac disease treatments.


More Information on the Beyond Celiac Science Plan

  • Listen to our Celiac Straight Talk Podcast episode on our science plan here.
  • Wach a video interview with our CEO, Alice Bast, our Chief Scientist and Strategy Officer, Salvo Alesci, MD, and news reporter Diana Rocco here.

—Partner With Beyond Celiac—

Beyond Celiac partners with pharmaceutical, health and biotech companies and organizations to advance our shared goals of unlocking celiac disease and accelerating a cure.

We embrace and leverage strategic partnerships and strong collaborations to advance our plan priorities, overcome challenges and maximize progress toward a cure.

Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.


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