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Beyond Celiac Research Grants

There are multiple pathways on the horizon for drug research, discovery and development. We know that the first need in achieving a cure for celiac disease is adequate funding. The second, related need is equally important: we need to maintain our focus on research that is practical and patient-centric. We have designed our scientific plan accordingly.

As a lean organization, we carefully target our efforts to advocate for and accelerate the best ideas in celiac disease research. We steward carefully the money you entrust to us, supporting the approaches that are most promising for patients, as we work towards a cure.

Our research funding will be directed in two primary ways:

1. Innovative Research Grant: High-Potential Discovery Areas

We will provide grants to help scientists collect the preliminary data needed to begin answering major questions around celiac disease that could lead to breakthroughs for larger-scale research or clinical trials. This is a two-year grant-funded at $60,000 per year (plus 8% indirect costs).

Total: $129,600

For 2019: Beyond Celiac Pilot and Feasibility Award

2. Established Investigator Grant: Best and Brightest

The historic lack of funding in celiac disease has resulted in a limited number of researchers currently studying the disease. This grant encourages the most successful scientists to continue to study celiac disease or, if working in a related field, turn their focus to celiac disease, helping to keep top scientists committed to long-term celiac disease research. Over time, these grants will lead to more researchers dedicating their careers to studying celiac disease and to finding better treatments and a cure. This is a three-year grant funded at $100,000 per year (plus 8% indirect costs).

Total: $324,000

For 2019: Beyond Celiac Established Investigator Award

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This is our passion and our life’s work. By supporting this effort, you can improve the lives of millions of Americans.


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