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Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. To view all information related to drug development and research, please visit our main celiac disease research page. Learn about the Beyond Celiac Science Department here.

Latest Celiac Disease Research Articles


Columbia Celiac Disease Symposium adjusts to university's Coronavirus restrictions

Key takeawayes and celiac disease research news from the 2020 Columbia Celiac Disease Symposium


Diagnosis of celiac disease increasing in Western World

Celiac disease incidence is increasing in the Western world. To understand this, picture celiac disease incidence as the speed of water filling a bathtub and celiac disease prevalence as the water pooled in the tub.


First model of celiac disease in mice developed

The first mouse model of celiac disease is designed to help further studies into new treatments.


Beyond Celiac research to be presented at Digestive Disease Week

Beyond Celiac will present results of its community survey about patient participation in celiac disease research at the largest gathering of doctors and researchers in gastroenterology.


New Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Symptomatic Celiac Disease Patients Launches

Testing of latiglutenase to relieve symptoms in celiac disease patients continues with the launch of a clinical trial in December


Gluten-free diets may actually be low-gluten diets, study suggests

Gluten found in food, urine and stool samples from celiac disease patients


Potential drug for celiac disease improves symptoms and quality of life in some patients

Study of latiglutenase as a potential treatment for celiac disease continues with analysis of past results. In addition, researchers from ImmunogenX plan three clinical trials in 2020.


Celiac disease patients willing to participate in most studies, Beyond Celiac survey finds

A new survey by Beyond Celiac found that celiac disease patients are willing to particpate in research, but they are hesitant about eating gluten or having a biopsy as part of a clinical study


The best way to study celiac disease under the microscope at Beyond Celiac Research Summit

Celiac disease experts and health insurance experts put the study of celiac disease under the microscope at the recent Beyond Celiac Research Summit


Beyond Celiac Research Summit pushes to accelerate new treatments for celiac disease

The Beyond Celiac Research Summit gave patients a chance to describe what it's like to live with celiac disease and participate in clinical trials.


Celiac disease treatment could open doors for other autoimmune conditions

The scientist who developed a new nanoparticle approach to treating celiac disease answers questions about how it would might allow patients to eat gluten again.


Financial movement in the quest to find celiac disease treatments

Financial moves made by drug companies researching celiac disease treatments could help move them forward in the approval process


Nanoparticles show promise as a treatment for celiac disease

New study using nanoparticles shows early success in reprogramming celiac disease patients' immune system not to react to gluten


Is sharing a toaster safe for people with celiac disease?

A new study looked at how much gluten cross-contact really occurs when a shared toaster is used


Risk for celiac disease overlooked in those with no symptoms

A new study found more than 40 percent of first-degree family members had celiac disease, even though most had no symptoms or symptoms that are not typical.


Extra half slice of bread a day may increase chance of celiac disease in at-risk children

A international study has found that the more gluten children at risk for celiac disease eat before 5 the greater chance they will develop celiac disease or celiac disease autoimmunity.


Brain fog study presented at international celiac disease symposium

Alice Bast, Beyond Celiac CEO, and Jessica Edward George, of Northeastern University, presented research at the International Celiac Disease Symposium that outlines the affects of brain fog on day-to-day life


RNA sequencing plays role in new research funded by Beyond Celiac

Beyond Celiac is funding cutting-edge research into cells that are disease fighting soldiers and improvements in interrpreting biopsies used for diagnosis


Drug to treat celiac disease gets to furthest-ever stage of study

A trio of firsts happened when a patient in a clinical study was given a dose of a drug to treat celiac disease.


New celiac disease guidelines emphasize follow-up care

Celiac disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines got an update in a new review of 30 years of evidence. Follow-up treatment is emphasized.


Antibiotics in babies’ first year might increase celiac disease risk

A new Scandinavian study explores antibiotics and an increased risk of celiac disease in children


Nexvax2 trial discontinued

In a surprising move, ImmusanT has discontinued a clinical trial of its celiac disease vaccine, Nexvax2


Vaccine protects against high doses of gluten, research shows

Ongoing studies investigate how effective vaccine is in protecting against damage from gluten


Mini gut may help unlock celiac disease mysteries

A mini gut allows scientists to study the way gluten affects the intestine in those who have celiac disease


Beyond Celiac Research Symposium highlights the patient voice in drug development

Beyond Celiac Research Symposium highlights the patient voice in drug development

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