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Addressing Challenges for U.S. Gluten-Free College Students

In 2012, Beyond Celiac continued its work in the college and university setting by surveying nearly 1,000 U.S. gluten-free college students to strengthen our ability to advocate for improved training for college foodservice operator. This survey revealed a continued and pervasive lack of awareness and accommodation for students with gluten-related disorders. Nearly 90% of students were not offered housing that would give them access to a kitchenette that could be kept gluten-free and 60% of gluten-free college students believed that their Dining Services Director or staff did not have sufficient knowledge about the gluten-free diet. Likely as a result of challenges like these, 60% of survey participants reported becoming sick from eating at a dining hall or foodservice establishment on campus and 42% reported missing class as a result of gluten exposure.

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