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Programs and Initiatives

Beyond Celiac works to actively meet the most pressing needs of the celiac disease community. We achieve our mission through a variety of tactics and approaches. 

The needs that Beyond Celiac currently address are: 

Reducing the Time to Diagnosis

People with celiac disease wait an average of 6-10 years for a correct diagnosis - if that diagnosis occurs at all. 83% of people with celiac disease remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Learn how Beyond Celiac is addressing this need

Helping the Celiac Disease Community Live Better, Longer 

While awareness of celiac disease is higher than ever, people living with the genetic autoimmune condition struggle to be taken seriously. As a result, many remain sick, are frequently exposed to gluten and live with symptoms, despite best efforts to remain gluten-free. Learn how Beyond Celiac is addressing this need

Accelerating Research and Forging the Pathways to a Cure 

Research has proven that the gluten-free diet alone is not enough to keep most people with celiac disease healthy, nor can it fully eliminate the risk of serious, long-term health consequences. Beyond Celiac works to address this need by serving as the bridge between the community and the researchers with the capability to address challenges through their expert work. Learn how Beyond Celiac is addressing this need

Setting the Record Straight: Beyond Celiac in National Media 

Beyond Celiac makes headlines by sharing accurate, evidence-based information about celiac disease within the media. Our work with the press helps celiac disease to be seen as the serious genetic autoimmune disease that it is, not the latest fad diet. Learn more about how Beyond Celiac is addressing this need.

Support Beyond Celiac in Its Important Work 

We can't do it without you. Help us continue to make real change for people living with celiac disease by donating to us today. Donate here.


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