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I'm Afraid of Getting Sick at Sleepovers


I’m going to a sleepover party and I’m worried about what will happen if the food makes me sick. I’m afraid that if I leave the party, everyone will think I’m a baby. But I really like to be at home when I don’t feel good. What should I do?


It is always better to be safe than sorry. I have encountered this issue myself, and every time I do have this issue I trust my gut and go home. I know it sounds bad to have to leave a party early, but think about the flip side of that situation. Would you rather be at the party and sick, or at home and sick? Of course everyone would like to be with his or her friends, but sometimes it is just not worth it. I love being home when I am sick because I feel more comfortable and I know there are people at my house that know what I am going through and know how to help me out. Also if you have really good friends they should understand your situation and not make fun of you for your need to go home. Remember, home is always the safest place to be when you are not feeling well.

- Alexander


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