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Celiac Disease Quiz

Celiac Disease Quiz

Being a gluten-free kid means you have to be on the lookout for gluten at all times. Just like a detective!

Pick what you would say to each of the kids below.

1. Your new friend Tommy wants you to come over his house for dinner. You have never eaten there before.

What should you say?

a. “Yes! I’ll come right over.”

b. “I’d love to! I just need to make sure the food I eat is gluten-free. Is it okay if my mom or dad calls your mom or dad to explain it?”

2. It’s your friend Sara’s birthday. She brought in cupcakes for the whole class. She tries to give you a cupcake.

What should you say?

a. “Thank you! I’m going to eat the icing off the top.”

b. “No, thank you. I need to eat something that’s gluten-free. I’ll ask the teacher if I can celebrate your special day with some of my gluten-free cookies instead.”

3. You are at camp. Today’s activity is to decorate a picture frame with dried macaroni.

What should you say?

a. “I have celiac disease so I should use gluten-free pasta. Do you have any I can use? If not, can I decorate my picture frame with beads or other materials instead?”

b. “I don’t want to be left out, so I’ll use the macaroni.”

4. Your best friend is eating a meal or snack that’s not gluten-free (pizza, bagel, sandwich, pretzels, etc.) and wants to try some of the gluten-free pretzels you brought for lunch.

What should you say?

a. “Sure! Here’s the bag. Help yourself.”

b. “Yes. Let me pour some onto your plate.”

5. You go to a barbecue at your grandparent’s house. Your grandpa announces that he bought gluten-free hamburger buns so you can have a burger just like everyone else.

What should you say?

a. “Thank you, grandpa! Please put a piece of aluminum foil on the grill before cooking my burger.”

b. “Thank you, grandpa! Make mine well done, please.”


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