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Going to a Birthday Party


My friend invited me to a birthday party at a pizza place. I’m worried that they won’t have anything gluten-free to eat. Should I go?


It’s good to be concerned, but there are lots of ways to be safe and still have fun!

First, call the pizza place (or ask your mom or dad to call) and ask if they have gluten-free food. It also helps to ask if they’ve taken a gluten-free training course. If they have, you can feel better about ordering food there. Even so, it’s always good to have back-up in case you see the restaurant isn’t being careful once you’re there.

If they don’t have gluten-free food, you can always bring your own. Let your host know that you have special food requirements and that you will be bringing your own meal. Several gluten-free companies make frozen pizza, which you can cook at home and wrap securely in foil so that you can ask the restaurant to heat your pizza once you are there. Make sure they leave the pizza in the foil so that it doesn’t get cross-contaminated.

If you’re worried about feeling left out at the party, ask your friend if it’s okay for you to bring some gluten-free cookies, cupcakes or another snack to share with everyone. That way, you can all enjoy the same treat. Make sure to take your cookie or snack before you pass the rest around. That will help keep you safe from any gluten on their hands.

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