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My Friends Don't Like My Food


My friend came over for dinner and said she thought our gluten-free food was gross. What if everyone thinks that? How can I tell my mom without hurting her feelings?


You have to give your mother some room for error. It is very difficult to cook gluten-free food because it has such a different cooking style that it is nearly impossible to get it right on the first try. So if you know that you have guests coming over, tell your mother to cook something that she knows how to cook well and that tastes good. I know that when my mother cooks sometimes the food is amazing and other times it is nearly inedible. When I know guests are coming I tell her to make dishes she is comfortable in cooking and you are comfortable presenting to your guests. Also a lot of companies are making gluten-free food that actually tastes amazing. Many times people that have never eaten gluten-free food will think that gluten-free food is disgusting and there is nothing you can do about that. Gluten-free food takes some getting used to. If you are really worried about your friends, keep some gluten-filled foods around the house just in case of something like this.

– Alexander

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