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I Forgot What It’s Like to Feel Sick


I feel so good right now that I kind of forgot what it feels like to be sick. It makes it really hard to say no when my friend wants to share cookies. Will it always be this hard?


No, it won’t always be this hard. It gets easier once your friends get used to you eating gluten-free and they will remember you can’t share their cookies. The longer you eat gluten-free, you get used to just not eating gluten and the temptations aren’t as bad. Also, work with your family to find gluten-free alternatives for your favorite foods. Remind yourself that you feel so good right now because you are not eating gluten. If you really want a cookie, ask your mom if you can bake some gluten-free cookies together. Then you can offer to share your cookies with your friend, too.

– Sabrina

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