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Gluten-Free on an Overnight Trip


I’m going on my first overnight trip without my mom or dad. What if they don’t have gluten-free food where I’m going?


The best thing to do is to get in touch with the people who are organizing your overnight ahead of time. Regardless of whether it’s a group trip or a sleepover with a friend, if you speak to them ahead of time you can do things like plan out your meals and tell them what food you need. If you’re going away with a friend, you can even ask their parents if you can go grocery shopping with them. It’s also always a good idea to bring a bag of food with you, even if you talk to the coordinator ahead of time. I usually bring a bag of things like fruit, nuts, bread, and dried pasta, and a cooler of frozen dishes and yogurt. That way, I know I’ll have food in an emergency or if they run out.

– Molly

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