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Gluten-Free Holiday Guide

All we want for the holidays is a cure for celiac disease. We’ve had our sights set on a cure and we’re raising much-needed funds for celiac disease research this holiday season.

We have an aggressive strategy for forging pathways to a cure. But we need your help to make it happen. As a nonprofit, Beyond Celiac and our programs, are supported by donations from people like you.

We will reach that goal, staying true to our vision – A world in which people with celiac disease can live healthy lives, free from social stigma and fear of gluten exposure – A World Beyond Celiac.

Together, you and Beyond Celiac can change the world for those with celiac disease and ensure that in future holidays, those with celiac disease won’t have to worry about staying healthy.

To make things easier for those with celiac disease this holiday season, we’ve put together the following resources to help keep you happy and healthy all season long!

 Gluten-Free Holiday Meal Plans & Recipes

 Sample Gluten-Free Holiday Dinner Menu

Tips to Navigate Holiday Gatherings with Celiac Disease

At larger family dinners, have separate serving stations for gluten-free foods. Label all dishes with gluten-free cards and have separate utensils.

Use oven-safe tags to keep track of gluten-free dishes.

Cover gluten-free dishes in the oven to make sure no gluten drips on or is blown in via convection ovens.

Gluten-free rice flour can be used to substitute wheat flour for making gravy.

Ask the person baking a turkey to cook the stuffing separately.

Purchase your favorite gluten-free dry goods and baking mixes for the holidays early, they can sell out!

If you’re unsure about the safety of food that will be at the party/gathering, eat beforehand and stick a gluten-free snack in your bag.

Host your own gluten-free gathering and show off how delicious gluten-free dishes can be!

Use different colored dishes and utensils for gluten-free foods.

Wines, champagne, and pure distilled liquors are gluten-free. Cheers!

It’s often better to go without when in doubt. Spending time with friends and family is so meaningful, and enjoyed most when not feeling ill or in the bathroom.

Create NEW holiday traditions!

 Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide

Gluten-Free Books – there a plethora of gluten-free living and cookbooks available, as well as books on celiac disease and autoimmunity. Here are a few of our favorites available on Amazon.

Beyond Celiac Holiday Otter Mug – purchases benefit Beyond Celiac

Kitchen Tools – some of our favorite kitchen items from Amazon.com – they make great gifts for a new gluten-free kitchen!

Imaware™ At-Home Celiac Screening or Monitoring Tests – our partner imaware™ offers the easiest way to validate the effectiveness of your dietary and lifestyle changes and confirm your autoimmune response is improving. imaware™ is the only test designed alongside world-class experts and scientifically validated.

Celiac Disease Giant Microbe Plush – Each celiac disease “plush” purchased from Giant Microbes helps support Beyond Celiac research efforts.

A Donation – give to Beyond Celiac in honor of friends or family members.

 Gluten-Free Entertaining

Cooking and entertaining over the holidays, especially for guests who have trouble eating safely outside their own kitchen, can be an especially rewarding endeavor. Whether you’re preparing a completely gluten-free affair or just a few options for your special celiac guest(s), the following resources can help make planning your next event an easy and DELICIOUS gluten-free experience!

 Gluten-Free Holiday Infographics
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Creating New Gluten-Free Holiday Traditions with Your Child

By Silvana Nardone, gluten-free and diary-free cookbook author

The holidays are a time when food is the focus and this can be stressful for parents of children newly diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. I know firsthand how worrisome that first gluten-free holiday can be! I also know that new traditions can be made and new favorite recipes can be cooked or baked to perfection. Here are my tips for making the transition easier for you and your child.

Shift the focus from food

Baking goodies during the holidays is such a fun way to bring the family together, but it can cause some stress for mom and dad after a recent diagnosis. Keep in mind that it’s ok to break away from the food focus and embrace other holiday activities. You can color holiday-themed pictures with the kids, watch their favorite holiday movie, or craft new homemade decorations together. Years from now when your kids look back on their childhood holiday traditions, they won’t be thinking of the type of cookie you baked, but rather the times you spent making memories.

Get in touch with your child’s teacher

The sooner you can contact your child’s teacher about upcoming holiday activities, the better. This way, you will have more time to prepare alternatives for your child so he or she doesn’t miss out on any of the fun. Give the teacher gluten-free goodies to keep on hand for classroom parties. If the teacher plans on giving out any holiday goodie bags, ask if it’s possible for it to also contain items other than food, like pencils and erasers.

Embrace trying new things

Your child will pick up on your emotional cues. If you take on a new gluten-free cookie recipe together and it doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, put a positive spin on the situation. Remind your child that now you know how to do it better next time and tell him or her how much fun you had spending time together, even if the recipe needs some work. If you think of this new gluten-free lifestyle as an adventure you get to embark on as a team, your child will too.

Just remember this simple tip: The key to a successful gluten-free holiday is preparation and a positive, can-do attitude. I hope you and your family enjoy a fun-filled holiday season!

Think you may have celiac disease?

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