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Home-Based Celiac Disease Test

Imaware™ Celiac Disease Test, Building Awareness and Increasing Diagnosis Rates of Celiac Disease

imaware™ has developed the most comprehensive home-based celiac disease test that provides actionable insights and information that can help you take control of your health.

imaware™ utilizes whole blood for their home-based tests which ensures higher precision than any other home-based health testing method. They test for a total of 4 biomarkers, including tTG, in order to provide you the most comprehensive home-based celiac disease.

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Beyond Celiac has partnered with imaware™ to bring awareness to their home-based celiac disease test and to increase celiac disease awareness and diagnosis rates.

(Note: as with other celiac disease blood tests, you must remain on a gluten-containing diet prior to testing for accurate results.)

Who Should Be Tested?

Have you experienced any of the many symptoms of celiac disease? You may have celiac disease if you have experienced symptoms, or if you have a relative that has been been diagnosed with celiac disease.

If you think a family member who may have celiac disease, let them know. Celiac disease is genetic, meaning that it runs in families. If a first-degree family member has celiac disease, you are much more likely to have celiac disease as well. Conversely, if you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, your biological relatives should be tested for it also.

imaware™ is a simple way to test yourself for celiac disease or have family members test at home.

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The imaware Process

At-home Collection

imaware™ tests are completed in the comfort of your own home with just a small finger prick. No clinic visit required.

Complete in under 5 minutes

imaware™ tests use a simple painless process that can be completed in under 5 minutes from the comfort of your own home.

A more accurate analysis

Patented imaware™ technologies create reports for patients that provide high levels of accuracy without false negatives.

Enhanced Biomarker screening

The preferred screening method currently tests for the tTG-IgA biomarker alone. imaware™ tests for tTG-IgA along with 3 additional biomarkers to provide a more precise and comprehensive result.

Physician reviewed results

Their partner network of over 100 medical professionals review each report and result.

Easy to understand online report

Access your results anywhere, any time, and share them easily with your healthcare professional.

Learn more about purchase an imaware™ kit here.


Think you may have celiac disease?

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