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Celiac Disease Runs in Families

Celiac Disease Runs in Families

Has your relative been diagnosed with celiac disease? If so, you’ve come to the right place for more information on this serious genetic autoimmune disease. Since celiac disease runs in families, blood relatives of people with the condition have a higher risk of developing it as well.

Learning that you are at risk for celiac disease can be worrisome. At Beyond Celiac, we understand these feelings – many of us have been there, too. Your health is of the utmost importance and we’re here to help you navigate the testing process.

Take the first step in learning if you have celiac disease by scheduling an appointment with your doctor to receive a simple blood test . Our free Talking to Your Doctorguide will help you get the conversation started.

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Talking to Your Doctor

Download the Beyond Celiac Guide: How To Talk To Your Doctor About Celiac Disease Testing

Two-Part Podcast Series: When Your Doctor Won’t Test for Celiac Disease

We know that many family members run into pushback from their doctors when asking to be tested for celiac disease after learning about their genetic risk. Although we discuss family member testing during these podcasts, we think the tips from Anne Lee, EdD, RDN, LD, Professionals Manager at Dr. Schar USA, Inc., would be helpful for anyone going through the celiac disease testing and diagnosis process.

Listen to this two-part podcast series from Beyond Celiac, featuring Anne Lee, to learn what helpful tips and advice you can use if your doctor is hesitant to test you for celiac disease. Listen to part one to learn how to become an educated patient and check out the resources below to help guide the conversation during your next doctor’s appointment. Then, tune in to part two to learn where to draw the line when it comes to doctor pushback and what to do if your doctor doesn’t follow the proper testing guidelines.


: At the time this podcast was recorded, Beyond Celiac was known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Learn more about the name change here.

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