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A purple image with the words "It's here!" and a loaf of Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread.

Gluten-Free Recipes

A chicken salad sandwichChicken Salad

When the summer heat hits, try this cool, gluten-free chicken salad. It combines protein, vegetables and fruit with a tasty, savory sauce, and can be eaten on its own or used as a filling for a tasty, on-the-go gluten-free sandwich.

This recipe was provided by our friends at Gluten-Free Palate

A piece of tres leches cake with strawberry slices. Tres Leches Cake

A special gluten-free dessert for any summer party, especially garnished with lots of lovely summer fruits, strawberries, raspberries, nectarines or mangoes, as well as whipped cream!

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Trivia Question of the Month

QUESTION: In a 1939 study on 73 children with celiac disease, how many survived at least three years after being diagnosed?

ANSWER: 17 patients survived. Of 73 patients, 26 had already died at the time of the study and only 17 were still alive three years after diagnosis. At the time of the study, gluten had not yet been identified as the culprit in celiac disease, a discovery made by Willem-Karl Dicke shortly after World War II.

Although the gluten-free diet is not a perfect solution, it is quite literally a lifesaver for millions of people today. Read more about celiac disease and improving mortality rates.

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Research News

The connection between celiac disease and obesity explored at DDW

Obesity was more common in those with celiac disease compared to those without celiac disease, analysis of a large national database of health information found.

Gluten challenges for people on a gluten-free diet seeking a celiac disease diagnosis may need to be increased, study suggests

Increased amounts of gluten in a gluten challenge for those on a gluten-free diet may be needed for accurate celiac disease blood tests done as part of diagnosis.

More than half of children with celiac disease don’t get recommended follow-up blood tests, study shows

More than half of children with celiac disease did not get recommended blood test follow-ups in a study that used artificial intelligence to scan electronic health records.

Read more research news on our Research News Feed

Get Involved in Research

Go Beyond Celiac Gluten Exposure Symptoms & Impact Survey

This survey intends to provide greater clarity on the experiences that people with celiac disease have when exposed to gluten, including the top symptoms with a negative impact and how symptoms and gluten exposure negatively impact quality of life.

If you’re signed up for Go Beyond Celiac, we invite you to log in and complete this survey. If you haven’t already joined, please become a member of Go Beyond Celiac and start sharing your story today.

Learn more about Go Beyond Celiac

An ad for UNiTE gluten-free snack bars. This one is yellow and brown for the churro flavor.

Voices of Celiac: Melissa’s StoryMelissa and her family sit in front of a fire in Christmas pajamas

“I’m a physician assistant in family practice. My brother was diagnosed with celiac disease six months earlier, and I read on UpToDate [a clinician support website] that celiac disease has been linked to recurrent miscarriages. I started a gluten-free diet and my bloating, gas, and constipation went away. A couple months after starting this diet, I became pregnant again.

A biopsy of my small intestine was consistent with celiac disease. I did not really suspect celiac disease, but my husband asked me to try a gluten-free diet after the two miscarriages, and I relented, since my brother was recently diagnosed.”

Read Melissa’s Story

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Allergic Living Spotlight

FDA to Bimbo Bakeries: Stop Use of ‘Misleading’ Allergen Claims

In late June, the US FDA warned a major commercial baker to stop using labels that list sesame and nuts as ingredients in breads, when they are not in fact present. In a warning letter, the federal agency told Bimbo Bakeries USA that such product labels are false and misleading.

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News, Events & Updates

Beyond Celiac Coalition and FDA Discuss Major Patient Barriers to Accelerate Clinical Trials for Celiac Disease

The Beyond Celiac Coalition, a precompetitive partnership of multidisciplinary stakeholders involved in the development of potential treatments for celiac disease, met recently with the FDA to discuss a collaborative approach to making therapeutic trials for celiac disease more patient-centric while maintaining scientific rigor.

Raise Money for Beyond Celiac on Facebook!

Happy birth month to all our July-born community members! When your big day rolls around, consider raising money for Beyond Celiac so that we can help fund new research by scientists in the celiac disease field. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s created fundraisers for us throughout the years! These fundraisers help make our important work possible.

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Think you may have celiac disease?

Symptoms Checklist