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The Harris Poll on Behalf of Beyond Celiac

The Persisting Myths of Celiac Disease

Read this report from Beyond Celiac to:

  • Learn how Americans’ attitudes and understanding of celiac disease are falling short
  • See the results of The Harris Poll on behalf of Beyond Celiac 2023
  • Access the facts about celiac disease
  • Hear how Beyond Celiac is driving treatments for a cure by 2030 

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Read Firsthand Stories of Life with Celiac Disease through Voices of Celiac

A photo of Jasmin with a stethoscope hanging around her neck.


Food was always a source of comfort for me until my diagnosis, and then it became a source of anxiety. Knowing that any bit of gluten can bring me back to square one of feeling fatigued and just miserable, I became hyperaware and suspicious of any food. I now have to think twice before making plans to socialize with friends at a restaurant to avoid getting sick.

Read Jasmin’s story

A headshot of Connor. You can see mountains behind him.


I sympathize with anyone who is going through celiac disease symptoms and is misdiagnosed. I have hope that people are becoming more aware of celiac disease and that we’re not alone in this.

Read Connor’s story

A portrait of Sherry.


I felt like I really had to push the issue with my doctors to keep testing and I’m glad I did. My first doctor really dismissed me, saying there was no such thing as gluten sensitivities.

Read Sherry’s story

A headshot of Alexis


It took years for me to get diagnosed because no one took me seriously. My family thought I was picky and my doctor thought I was crazy. If I hadn’t fought for myself, I don’t know where or who I would be today—the symptoms were slowly killing me.

Read Alexis’ story

A photo of Dave smiling.


Just recently I’ve become aware of the emotional impact my dietary restrictions have on me and my family. I am truly thankful for the support and sacrifices they make to keep me safe. I have extreme anxiety eating away from home, and I do not trust others to cook for me in a shared kitchen—I’ve been glutened too many times.

Read Dave’s story

A photo of Liz sitting outside.


There are lots of misconceptions when we consider our own health. It can be rooted in bias, but in the end we tend to be very hard on ourselves and gaslight ourselves into thinking we are to blame for all our circumstances. But this is not the case and it’s destructive.

Read Liz’s story

A photo of Aaliyah standing next to her mother.


At first Aaliyah had a lot of emotions and felt like she was stripped of what was normal, even though she didn’t do anything wrong. Kids made fun of her, questioned why she got special snacks, different lunches, and why her classroom area had to be protected differently.

Read Aaliyah’s story


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