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Helping the Celiac Disease Community Live Better, Longer

Helping the Celiac Disease Community Live Better, Longer

Community Education and Engagement

The Beyond Celiac website provides a wealth of free information for patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, foodservice professionals and the media, attracting more than 2 million visitors each year. In 2010, (then was rated as one of “10 Great Websites with Accurate Information” on celiac disease and gluten-free foods, as well as a “#1 Resource for Celiac Facts.”

Many feel alone and confused after being diagnosed with celiac disease. Beyond Celiac is here to help with free downloadable and web-based resources, like toolkits, monthly webinars, educational videos, blogs and microsites. We pride ourselves on offering you evidence-based information that make managing celiac disease and the gluten-free diet easier. Beyond Celiac also connects with the community every day, sparking conversation through our highly engaged social media network.

Exploring Gluten in Medications

Understanding if a medication contains gluten is a major concern for the celiac disease community. Gluten can be found in excipients, which are the binders that hold medications together. Despite the possibility for containing gluten, it is typically unclear whether medications are safe for people with celiac disease, leaving people afraid to take necessary medicine to treat various other conditions or illnesses. Beyond Celiac began its work in understanding gluten in medications in 2007. Click here to see a timeline of our work in this area.

Gluten-Free in College

Beyond Celiac knows how challenging it can be for gluten-free teens to head off to college, So, in 2010, we began to offer free resources designed to help teens and parents navigate the college experience. Today, we host a web section dedicated to living gluten-free in college so students can feel more comfortable and confident on campus. This section provides resources to more than 15,000 people each year.

Kids Central

Kids Centr/living-with-celiac-disease/kids/al from Beyond Celiac gets children involved in raising awareness of celiac disease. In this section, we offer tips and advice for educating the school support team, including teachers and nurses. We’ve built a community of amazing kids with celiac disease who are empowered and have a better understanding of how to tackle tough kid situations that can impact their social, emotional and physical well-being. Kids Central serves over 150,000 families each year.

We have information for parents, too! From articles and research news to parenting gluten-free children and gluten-free recipes, we have what you’re looking for.

Think you may have celiac disease?

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