Sabine Lisicki Earns WTA Comeback Player of the Year Title

Sabine Lisicki Earns WTA Comeback Player of the Year Title

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sabine lisicki With the Australian Open wrapping up, it seems like the perfect time to report on the recent buzz surrounding professional tennis player Sabine Lisicki, who was honored with the WTA’s Comeback Player of the Year title for 2011 after overcoming a diagnosis of gluten intolerance.

Popular tennis blogs certainly agree with the WTA’s selection and consider Lisicki one to watch in 2012!


“Normally, in my books at least, an up and comer is a player outside of the top twenty, but at No. 15 Sabine Lisicki is an exception, and here’s why. Sabine Lisicki turned professional in the year 2006. By 2008 Lisicki was the No. 54 player. In 2009 Lisicki finished the year as No. 23, on the borderline of being an up and comer or a true contender, but by the end of 2010 Lisicki finished the year as No. 179 after an ankle injury prevented her from competing for five months.

Lisicki was determined to make 2011 a better season, putting her ankle injury and recent diagnoses of gluten intolerance behind her. Her determination proved true, by the 2011 season’s end Lisicki was awarded the Comeback Player of the Year award, after she rose from No. 218 to No.15 within 7 months.”

In an interview with, Lisicki felt relieved after her doctor properly diagnosed her with gluten intolerance. She also believes patience and a positive attitude have been the keys to her success as she moves forward on a gluten-free diet and attempts to scale the professional tennis ranks.

“My goal is to get better each day and this way to slowly work myself towards the top 10. I had a very big change in my diet when they found out that I’m intolerant to gluten this year. I’m glad the doctors found out! Mainly I want to keep enjoying myself on the court like I did this year. It worked for me so why change something?”

Lisicki has got big plans for the 2012 season and has set her sights on the upcoming Olympic Summer Games.

“I’m simply looking forward to next season and playing in front of my fans again. They’ve supported me a lot this year! And also to the Olympic Games, which are held in London on grass!!”

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