December 2019

December 2, 2019





Coffee and Nut Cake

The perfect party cake for coffee-lovers.





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Celiac Disease Treatment Could Open Doors for Other Autoimmune Diseases

In a recent study, researchers took tiny fragments of gluten, encapsulated them in nanoparticles made from the same material as absorbable stitches and gave them to study participants with celiac disease. The study found that the nanoparticle treatment could potentially prevent gluten from triggering the damaging immune reaction in celiac disease.


Research Summit Pushes to Accelerate New Treatments for Celiac Disease

In part one of Beyond Celiac Research Summit coverage, patients take center stage in describing what it’s like to live with celiac disease and to participate in clinical trials. Stay tuned for part two, where researchers, physicians, patient advocacy groups, the Food and Drug Administration and a representative from a health insurance company will get their say.


Financial Movement in Quest to Find Celiac Disease Treatments

Three big players in research into new treatments for celiac disease made significant financial moves this fall. Most recently, Takeda Pharmaceuticals obtained the exclusive global license of an immunotherapy that targets only the cells that cause a reaction to gluten.


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