Kids Quiz: Answers

Kids Quiz: Answers

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Kid Quiz: Answers

1. b – Even if your friend’s dinner sounds gluten-free, there’s a chance that it could have gluten in it. Having your parents talk to your friend’s parents will help keep you safe.

2. b – The icing on the cupcake could have gluten in it and, even if it doesn’t, you should eat it because of cross-contact. That’s when a gluten-free food touches a food that has gluten in it. That’s enough glutn to make you sick. Remember, it’s always best to stick to your gluten-free treats.

3. a – If you play with macaroni and then touch your mouth or a piece of food, you could get sick. Always wash your hands after working on an art project and before eating, just in case you got gluten on them. (Gluten can be in play dough or clay, too. Make sure it’s gluten-free before using it.)

4. b – Your friend’s hands have gluten on them from his/her food. If they touch your gluten-free food, it could make you sick. Pouring some pretzels out of the bag keeps the rest of your pretzels gluten-free and safe to eat.

5. a – If your grandparents put something with gluten in it (like a bun) on the grill before grilling your food, you could get sick. Using aluminum foil can keep gluten from sneaking into your food. Don’t forget to also ask your grandparents to wash their hands before touching your food!

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