Gluten-Free Training: Special Discount

Gluten-Free Training: Special Discount

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GREAT gluten-free training

A GREAT Deal: Meet Customers’ Needs for Less

As a strategic partner, NFCA is offering Rich Product customers a 25% discount on gluten-free foodservice training.To redeem this deal, use the coupon code RiCH1205gF when purchasing the GREAT Kitchens course.

family out to dinnerAn estimated 12% of Americans have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. For these individuals, dining out means sticking to 100% gluten-free food, and that isn’t always easy to find.

“Gluten-free” isn’t just “wheat-free,” either. Gluten can hide in a number of unexpected places. A truly gluten-free meal requires GREAT attention, but it can also yield GREAT profits.

NFCA’s GREAT Kitchens course can prepare you to meet rising gluten-free demands. Learn how to read labels for gluten content, avoid cross contamination, and increase confidence in your staff and gluten-free customer.

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