Jennifer Fitzpatrick

“Unfortunately, the follow-up was what was lacking, and I spent years learning how to do things the wrong way with celiac disease.”


“It took 10 years after I started experiencing outward symptoms to get diagnosed.”


“I had a difficult childhood. I went to a boarding school and none of the food seemed to suit me; after each meal I needed to go vomit.”

The Campanellas

“My concerns were often dismissed: I was told to feed her more vegetables and that I was a ‘nervous mother.'”

Erin Smith

“I think making those personal connections is critical in your celiac disease journey.”


“Living with celiac disease has greatly improved my relationship with and understanding of food.”


“The first gastroenterologist was in shock that I screened positive for celiac disease as a person of color.”


“I could never have turned my life around if I had not been diagnosed with celiac disease.”


“My body felt like it was failing me in every aspect, and each night I went to sleep truly believing I would never get better.”


“I can’t even remember when I started feeling sick because I was just always sick from the time I can remember.”


“Although celiac disease still affects my everyday life, I no longer allow it to consume me. I am stronger than my celiac disease.”


“It is frustrating to live like this, having no one take you seriously about your symptoms.”

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