“I think my most challenging time was before being diagnosed, because I had a lot of mental imbalances and I wasn’t growing for a period of time.”


“You don’t realize how much the world revolves around food until you can’t eat whatever you want.”


Sometimes you have to eat something someone else makes, and the stress and worry around that is just unfathomable. […] Nothing that can relieve that, except for a cure.


“Sometimes people don’t understand the emotional toll of having a child with an autoimmune disorder and all that goes into keeping her safe.”


“I do think it’s taboo for men [to eat gluten-free]. It’s toxic masculinity. But I think that it’s super important to say, ‘Here’s how I handle it. Try it yourself.'”


I remember before I was diagnosed, seeing in the grocery store yogurt or something labeled as gluten-free, and thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so ridiculous. Obviously, apples don’t have gluten in them.’ Now those stickers are my saving grace!


“In early elementary school, she started having some small things going on with her health where she didn’t feel great all the time, but it wasn’t anything that really raised any huge red flags”

Emily J.

When I was hospitalized the doctors said it was a good thing because I was days away from organ failure.


My digestive life was misery. Many days I would wake up, have my vitamins and juice, and vomit before I got out the door.


“At one point celiac disease was discussed but dismissed because of my ethnicity.”


“My family made treatment difficult at first. They scoffed and didn’t care about what I could and couldn’t eat. My aunt claimed that it was a Jewish person disease and since there weren’t any Jewish people on their side then it couldn’t be from them. It does make me sad that gluten-free is considered a fad diet and is not taken seriously by many people.”


“It was very difficult to raise my son and work and maintain our home. After work, I had to go home to sleep for 1-3 hours before I could manage the nighttime tasks of child-rearing. Weekends were spent in bed resting and recovering.”

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