“[The rash] was disfiguring, it was depressing, and it was all-consuming. The itching kept me awake at night and it took up most of my brain space, my emotions, and my energy.”


From the time I pieced it all together, it only took about four months to get diagnosed. But looking back to when my symptoms started, it took at least 20–25 years


“My friends and family make sure to make me feel comfortable and let me know that I’m not a burden when I eat with them.


I didn’t deal with any obvious symptoms, I was just anemic. Other than that my body was functioning properly.


I thought my issues were all from dairy until I stopped having dairy and still had lots of pain.


For a year and a half I had been exhausted, nauseous, and unable to get pregnant.”


“Some people think celiac disease is all in the mind and that you just get a little stomach ache when you eat half a piece of bread, but it is so much more than that.”


“Charlie was extremely fatigued and wasn’t able to get out of bed most days […] they began to hallucinate overnight and became very aggressive and withdrawn, slowly becoming suicidal.”


“It was scary when I found out. As a parent, you want to fix it. My goal was to get him healthy.”


I had serious anemia my whole life. Doctors would give me iron supplements to try and fix it but it was like it could never be fixed.


“I was in high school and I never wanted to tell my friends ‘no’ if they wanted to hang out, so I dealt with whatever came.”


“Between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2020 I watched my daughter basically stop eating. She would eat approximately two to three tablespoons of food.”

Think you may have celiac disease?

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