“I’ve always been very disciplined and strict about my diet, even before celiac disease, because I am an athlete; I am still the same long distance athlete, just gluten-free.”

The Shengs

“[Renzo’s] tantrums subsided, social skills improved, and even the ADHD is noticeably better.”


“I had symptoms from when I was a baby until I was diagnosed at 19 years old. Doctors and family members would say my symptoms were from stress…”


“Everyone used to comment on how ‘cute’ and ‘petite’ she was, but I remember looking back at photos and thinking she was always a good two to three inches shorter than children her own age.”


“Despite seeing two separate gastroenterologists, neither thought to do an endoscopy or even blood tests for CD.”


“It took approximately five to six years to get diagnosed after I started having major symptoms.”


“I did not completely commit to a gluten-free diet until this year at age 39. Six months before my 40th birthday and it’s been life-changing.”


“Ava was very bloated, and for three straight years she grew less than an inch.”


“I hope my story can show that you can do anything with an autoimmune disease.”


“I learned to compartmentalize the pain because I was taught that it was my fault. My pediatrician prescribed a ‘better diet,’ with lots of ibuprofen or Tylenol and tea as needed.”


“I had lost over 60 pounds and was receiving IVs at the cancer care clinic there. I was planning my funeral.”


“If there was ever a time to have to eat gluten-free, this is it. We are so fortunate to have all the options available to us now and it will keep getting better.”

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