“After being diagnosed with an aggressive bone tumor, my parents kept pushing the doctors to run more tests for celiac disease. Eventually the doctor diagnosed me.”


“We always say, ‘friends over food’ and try to focus on the fun we are having instead of the food.”


“I’d been very sick since I was a young child […] every day I would wake up hoping only to be pain free.”


“I was very small up until my diagnosis, couldn’t gain weight, dealt with chronic pain, and struggled to focus on school due to constant brain fog.”


“Being a college student with celiac disease is really tough. My social life is greatly affected by this situation.”


“I had none of the ‘typical’ symptoms that I associated with celiac disease. I ate whatever I wanted and had no outward symptoms.”


“Just before his third birthday, Max had dropped so much weight that he was back to wearing his one-year-old clothes.”

Jessica E.

“Prior to being diagnosed, my one love was food and I was constantly eating.”


“I unfortunately had to deal with a lot of medical gaslighting before I got answers due to my mental health.”


“As a struggling college student, my groceries are the second-most expensive bill every month next to my rent.”


“After a medical procedure, I started having four stools every day.”


“Prior to my diagnosis and the onset of my symptoms, I lived through food. In middle school, I could eat as much as a teenage boy.”

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