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“Growing up in an Italian-American family we ate pasta, bread, and pastries just about every day.”


“At the beginning it was extremely hard and it still is to this day. But as time goes on it’s getting easier by the day.”


“Sometimes she says, ‘I really want that treat. I’ll just throw up, it’s ok.’ It makes me so sad but I remind her it could be so worse and that she’s got this!”


“I just turned 80 years old and I think I have a very good life. I am so glad they found out I had celiac disease about 8 years ago.”


“Just because you look healthy doesn’t mean your insides are healthy, too.”


“For 70 years of my life, I ingested gluten daily with no issues. However, I was constantly anemic and suffered from GERD.”


“It’s a daily challenge but I prefer to be happy, not sick, and to live a healthy life.”


“Celiac disease made me who I am, because I realized that I don’t let my autoimmune disease control me.”


“I thought it was his body adjusting to type 1 diabetes, but I quickly found out that celiac disease is often paired with T1D!”

Samantha Sheroff

“Upon receiving my diagnosis, my initial feeling was RELIEF to finally have answers and a path to healing my gut!”


“My wife forced me to go to the doctor. Two months later, I was diagnosed with a positive biopsy.”


“I found out only because l was working as a waitress at one of the trendiest bakeries at that time; it was one of the places in Cape Town, South Africa that started baking and selling gluten-free products.”

Think you may have celiac disease?

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