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Stay up to date on advances in the development of alternative, non-dietary treatments in the celiac disease field. These articles from the Beyond Celiac Research News feed highlight the latest news and past milestones in the journey to find new treatments – or even a cure – for celiac disease. Note:  Prior to December 2015, Beyond Celiac was known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Learn more about the name change here.  

Larazotide Acetate Shows Promising Results in Patients on Gluten-Free Diet with Persistent Symptoms

Although more research is needed, larazotide acetate may work better than the gluten-free diet alone in some patients.


Journal of Autoimmunity Publishes Research Supporting Safety of Oats in the Celiac Diet

Research Offers Benchmark of T Cell Reactivity by Comparing Side-by-Side Reactions to Barley and Oats in Celiac Disease Patients


ImmusanT Recognized for Potential Celiac-Curing Vaccine


Gluten-Free Diet is Not Enough – Ongoing Intestinal Damage in Most Diagnosed Patients

Many people with celiac disease have significant disease-associated symptoms and intestinal damage despite trying to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet.


Research Shows Promise for a Potential Future Treatment for Celiac Disease

Researchers have discovered that a human protein called elafin may be helpful in protecting against the inflammatory reaction seen in people with celiac disease.


Alba Therapeutics Announces Positive Results of Phase IIb Trial in Celiac Disease

Alba Therapeutics Corporation provides an update on their investigational medication, larazotide acetate.


National Study to Help Advance Celiac Disease Research


Alvine Pharmaceuticals Doses First Patient in Phase 2B Trial for ALV003 in Celiac Disease

Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. provides an update on a clinical trial investigating a potential medication for celiac disease.


Fusion Antibodies Announces Collaboration For New Refractory Celiac Disease Drug With Calypso Biotech

Fusion Antibodies Ltd have announced a collaboration with Swiss biotech company Calypso Biotech for development of their CALY-002 Antibody.


ImmusanT Begins Clinical Research Study to Explore Immunologic Relationship between Celiac Disease & Type 1 Diabetes

Study seeks to learn more about the relationship between the autoimmune diseases and the underlying cause of type 1 diabetes.


Potential Pharmaceutical Treatments for Celiac Disease: An Interview with Joseph Murray, MD

Joseph Murray, MD of the Mayo Clinic explains the potential pharmaceutical treatments for celiac disease.


AbbVie and Alvine to Collaborate on Investigational Oral Therapy for Celiac Disease

AbbVie secures exclusive option to acquire global rights to ALV003, which has the potential to be the first therapy to treat celiac disease.


ImmusanT's Epitope-Specific Immunotherapy for Celiac Disease Informs the Potential of Vaccines Against Other Autoimmune Diseases

Celiac disease research could lend insight to other autoimmune diseases.


Potential Celiac Drug Receives Fast Track Designation from FDA

Alvine Pharmaceuticals' ALV003 is being developed as a treatment for celiac disease in conjunction with a gluten-free diet.


Biotech Company Initiates Clinical Trials for Celiac Disease Vaccine

ImmusanT announced the initiation of clinical trials for the investigational vaccine, Nexvax2.


Clinical Trial Results Published for Potential Celiac Medication

Researchers released the clinical trial results for the investigational medication, larazotide acetate.


Alba Therapeutics Recruiting Patients with Celiac Disease for a Phase 2b Clinical Trial

New questionnaire, the first of its kind, will be used to evaluate investigational compound in patients with celiac.


Celiac Research Opportunity at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA

Purpose of study is to determine safety and effectiveness of investigational medication for individuals with celiac disease.


ImmusanT Raises $20 Million to Advance Celiac Disease Vaccine

Vaccine designed to allow celiac disease patients to return to normal gluten containing diet.


Alvine Pharmaceuticals: Therapeutic Drug for Celiac Population Ready for Next Phase of Trial

Participants who took ALV300 had fewer symptoms and less intestinal damage than placebo group after 6-week gluten challenge.


Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Celiac Disease Vaccine Shows Promising Results

Immunotherapeutic vaccine is designed to reduce the body's rejection of gluten, according to renowned researcher and NFCA Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Bob Anderson.


Celiac Patients Want Alternatives to Gluten-Free Diet

Survey of 310 patients found vaccine is at top of wish list.


Biotech Company Earns NIH Grant to Support Development of Oral Celiac Disease Therapeutic

Avaxia Biologics received $145,000 in funding to develop an “anti-gluten antibody.”


Pharmaceutical Companies Partner in Plan to Develop Potential Celiac Treatment

Global pharmaceutical company Cephalon Inc. has signed an agreement with Alba Therapeutics regarding a potential celiac disease drug.


IBD Drug May Help Treat Refractory Celiac Disease

Half of patients studied reported symptom relief within 4 weeks.

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