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Stay up to date on advances in the development of alternative, non-dietary treatments in the celiac disease field. These articles from the Beyond Celiac Research News feed highlight the latest news and past milestones in the journey to find new treatments – or even a cure – for celiac disease. Note:  Prior to December 2015, Beyond Celiac was known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Learn more about the name change here.  

Diaper Duty

Researchers study babies’ stools to determine how celiac disease develops


Experts weigh in on need for biopsy to diagnose celiac disease

Some say biopsy still needed, others say blood tests alone are sufficient if antibody levels are high enough


You’re no more likely to be depressed than others if you have celiac disease

But you may be less likely if you follow the gluten-free diet for other reasons


Celiac disease patients warned about dietary supplements

New study challenges claims these over-the-counter products break down gluten


Children may not need a biopsy for celiac disease diagnosis

A large-scale study concludes the biopsy is unnecessary more than half the time


Babies, stomach infections and celiac disease risk

Babies who get more gastrointestinal infections more likely to develop celiac disease


Is celiac disease on the rise?

A review of current evidence


New ways to understand celiac disease research

Three tools make it easier to follow clinical trials and participate


A gluten-free drug problem

Patients worry about whether their medications are safe on the gluten-free diet


Gluten-free diet does not benefit heart health if you don’t have celiac disease

Lack of whole grains may actually increase risk of heart disease


Disappointing results in celiac disease drug trial but future hopeful

Patients in CeliAction study improve whether given drug or not


Up to Half of Patients May Not Fully Respond to a Gluten-Free Diet

Drug to treat non-responsive and refractory celiac disease being tested


Landmark Meeting Identifies Pathway for New Celiac Disease Therapies

Beyond Celiac developing technology to bring stakeholders together


The Search for Treatment Beyond the Gluten-Free Diet

New research shows promise in turning off the immune response to gluten in those with celiac disease


Newly Diagnosed ​with Celiac Disease ​and Living in New England? Advance​ Research in One Simple Step

Researchers are working on an experimental new drug for celiac disease.


New Research Study for Refractory Celiac Disease Looking for Participants

A research study is testing an investigational medication called AMG 714 for people with refractory celiac disease type II.


Celimmune Commences First-Ever Dosing with AMG 714 in Celiac Disease

A new clinical trial for celiac disease is underway.


Celimmune Commences Screening in Phase 2 Clinical Study in Refractory Celiac Disease Type II

Multinational study to evaluate the potential of Anti-IL-15 antibody, AMG 714, to treat rare in situ small bowel T cell ymphoma.


ImmunogenX Acquires the Assets of Alvine Pharmaceuticals

Glutenase for in-vivo gluten degradation is a leading candidate for celiac disease


Innovate Biopharmaceuticals Completes License For Late-Stage Celiac Disease Asset From Alba Therapeutics

Promising compound to begin phase 3 clinical trials for treatment of celiac disease.


Journal Gastroenterology Publishes Research Indicating Nearly Identical Response to Gluten in Most Children and Adults with Celiac Disease

Research to inform therapeutic and diagnostic development for patients of all ages


Cour Pharmaceuticals Releases Data on Potential Breakthrough Treatment for Celiac Disease

Cour Pharmaceuticals discusses recent study data the the 16th International Celiac Disease Symposium (ICDS).


One Step Closer to New Treatment Options for Celiac Disease

Sanofi and Selecta Biosciences, Inc. collaborate on new immunotherapy for celiac disease.


Celimmune Announces Anti-IL-15 Antibody Licensing and Option Agreements with Amgen

Company to develop AMG 714 for the treatment of diet non-responsive celiac disease and refractory celiac disease (celiac disease-triggered T-cell lymphoma).


Celimmune Founded to Develop Novel Therapeutics for Celiac and Other Serious Autoimmune Diseases

Emerging therapeutic company to initially focus on addressing the significant medical and socioeconomic needs of patients with celiac disease

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