Celiac Disease Research News

Stay up to date on advances in the development of alternative, non-dietary treatments in the celiac disease field. These articles from the Beyond Celiac Research News feed highlight the latest news and past milestones in the journey to find new treatments – or even a cure – for celiac disease. Note:  Prior to December 2015, Beyond Celiac was known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Learn more about the name change here.  

Phase 2 study relaunching in November

Celiac disease study postponed due to COVID-19 is relaunching in November


Launch of new late-stage Phase 2b study for celiac disease patients who continue to have symptoms while on a gluten-free diet

A trial that launched in late August will test PRV-015 in symptomatic celiac disease patients


New Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Symptomatic Celiac Disease Patients Launches

Testing of latiglutenase to relieve symptoms in celiac disease patients continues with the launch of a clinical trial in December


DDW research highlights celiac disease symptom disconnect

Studies also show evidence of how frquently patients are exposed to gluten, especially on the weekends


Online alternative medicine advice about celiac disease often incorrect

A new study found incorrect or unproven information on diagnosis and treatment on majority of alternative medicine websites


New guidelines for feeding infants at risk for celiac disease

Limiting the amount of gluten-containing food might help prevent celiac disease from developing


At-home test for celiac disease gets scientific review

Study details accuracy of test in diagnosis and monitoring of celiac disease


Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Celiac Drug Candidate is Recruiting Participants

Testing of a drug candidate used in conjunction with a gluten-free diet that is designed to help protect people with celiac disease against inadvertent gluten exposure launches


Why does someone get celiac disease?

A new virus has been added to the list of potential reasons celiac disease develops


Upending some beliefs about celiac disease

Experts weigh in on how views are changing


FDA fast tracks celiac disease vaccine

Designation highlights need for new treatments for patients


Getting to the bottom of persistent celiac disease symptoms

Refractory celiac disease is rarely the cause so physicians need to rule out more common reasons


At-Home Test for Celiac Disease Launches

Results are designed to be shared with your doctor for a definitive diagnosis


Fatigue is often found in celiac disease

But a new study says it needs to be better understood and treated


Breaking the cycle of underfunded celiac disease research

Beyond Celiac joins SSCD to attract investigators to the field


Top 5 takeaways from the Beyond Celiac Research Symposium

Our immune system, gut microbiome and celiac disease


Signs of progress for celiac disease drugs

First patient gets vaccine in new clinical trial, plus cholesterol drug shows promises in celiac disease monitoring


Celiac disease being diagnosed more often in the UK

Nearly 45,000 new patients added over four years


Ways to improve celiac disease biopsies outlined in new study

What physicians and patients should be on the look out for


Study of a new treatment for celiac disease moves forward

Pill could make small amounts of gluten tolerable and lighten the burden of the gluten-free diet


Celiac disease reproductive health heartbreak

Undiagnosed celiac disease can lead to stillbirths and miscarriages but diagnosis makes a difference


New drug could mean fewer symptoms and less gut damage for celiac disease patients

Study results presented at DDW offer hope for future protection from accidental gluten exposure


More evidence celiac disease is underdiagnosed study presented at DDW shows

Both celiac disease and related celiac disease autoimmunity are rising and rates vary by geographic location


Celiac disease research under the spotlight

From Celiac Awareness Month to Digestive Disease Week, celiac disease research comes into focus


Virus that causes “mono” might be linked to risk of celiac disease

A new study examines the connection between Epstein-Barr and seven autoimmune diseases

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