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By The Seat of Our Pantyhose


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By The Seat of Our Pantyhose

By Kim Pacini, Assistant Director of Digital Media

By The Seat of Our Pantyhose is a feature on our Celiac Disease in the News page dedicated to sharing the stories of women in the celiac disease and healthcare space. The blog features inpsiring and empowering insight from female entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers and clinicians who have built successful projects from the ground up. 

Alice Bast, CEO of Beyond Celiac, is the inspiration for the blog. Since 2003, Alice has built this organization into the leading celiac disease patient advocacy organization. She, like so many other amazing, determined women, have shaped the world we live in today. We look forward to sharing stories of women who have created something they believe in and become an inspiration for us all. 

The blog will include articles from and about remarkable women, sharing their lessons learned while facing challenges and triumphs. We'll share their journeys with the intent of empowering our community to live our lives to the fullest. 



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