Gluten-Free Baking Hack #1

Gluten-Free Baking Hack #1

Just act as if the gluten-free cookies are totally awesome.

Ok, so maybe you’re not the type to use your kids’ adorable little faces to get you out of a sticky situation. (If you are, you can stop reading – no more helpful advice will come from this post.)

If you just couldn’t live with yourself if you actually did credit your little ones with a baking snafu….

  1. Take a deep breath. Check the time. If you have the time and the ingredients, get going on round two, being sure to evaluate where things could have gone wrong the first time around. Don’t be afraid to use Google. You can save yourself lots of wasted batches of cookies by learning from others’ mistakes. (Don’t you just love the people who broadcast their errors for the benefit of complete strangers?)
  2. If you’re not up for round two, hop in the car, drive to your nearest local gluten-free bakery. Or call your sister, friend, support group leader – whoever – who has already mastered the gluten-free cookie recipe. They’ll know what to do.
  3. Reconsider option one with a twist: Actuallyget your kids to help you with the baking. What better way to bond with them and start the learning process together?

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