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Answers from a Dietitian

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Note: Answers from a Dietitian is intended for general questions about celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and/or the gluten-free diet. The information below is not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition. The information is not intended to establish a patient/provider relationship. Consult your doctor or nutritionist regarding specific individual health needs.


Gluten-Free Laxatives and Enzymes

What is the best recommendation for a laxative? I tend to have more constipation than diarrhea. Also, are enzymes recommended to aid in digestion?


Busy Student Newly Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

I was just diagnosed with celiac. I'm 20 years old and freaking out a little. I'm a college student who also works and travels frequently. How is it possible to stay on a gluten-free diet when I'm rarely home? This means cooking a separate meal from the rest of my family. It's only going to get crazier when I start medical school. Please help!


Which Alcohols are Gluten-Free?

Which alcohols are gluten-free? Is it true that a grain distilled does not contain gluten?


Healthy Gluten-Free Foods

I have known about my celiac disease for 3 years. During this 3-year time frame, I really have mastered which foods to avoid. However, I have not mastered what to eat to stay healthy. What foods will really help me maintain a healthy diet and avoid irregular bowels?


List of Gluten-Free Foods & Snacks

Where can I get a list of gluten-free foods and safe snacks?


Maltodextrin and Allergen Labeling Requirements

I know that malt contains gluten. Is maltodextrin (found in chips, breads) safe for people with celiac disease?


Bad Taste in Mouth & Gluten-Free Diet Confusion

I want to know what this horrible taste is in my mouth all the time, and what supplements I should take. I have osteoporosis, so I have calcium tablets, but I also think I have a leaky gut. Also, can you explain why celiacs are told not to eat processed food or - I've been told - most fruits, vegetables or grains, too. This is hard.


Risks of Inhaled Gluten When Dining Out

Please explain what issues a person diagnosed with "high" celiac disease may experience as a result of inhaled gluten from a cafeteria or where others consume foods with gluten.


Vitamins & Supplements on a Gluten-Free Diet

What supplements should I be taking? Do you recommend a good multi-vitamin for celiac patients?


Medications & Intestinal Side Effects

I take four prescriptions for bipolar disorder: Lithium, Xanax, Wellbutrin and Lamectal. Will these affect my intestines?


Crispy Rice Cereals: Gluten-Free?

Are crispy rice cereals gluten-free?


Newly Diagnosed and Overweight

I just found out I have celiac. I'm 6'4” and around 400 lbs. What should I do? Can this help me lose weight?


Cross Contamination and Dining Out

If bread is dipped in a gluten-free sauce, is it contaminated? Also, what about eating out in restaurants?


Getting Started on Gluten-Free Diet

I just found out that I have celiac and my insurance does not pay for a dietitian. I have no idea what I can and cannot eat. I am also a diabetic and cannot eat seafood of any kind. Can you help?


SIBO and Vivonex Plus Alternatives

I have Small Intestinal Baterial Overgrowth (SIBO), a form of IBS. A leading doctor in the field has recommended an elemental diet using Vivonex Plus for 2 weeks to kill the intestinal bacteria. This product is very expensive. I have searched for other less expensive products, but have not been able to locate a good alternative. The supplement needs to be lactose free, gluten-free and low residue; in other words, easily digestible. Could you make a recommendation?


Gluten Digesting Enzymes

I heard there is a pill called "GlutenEase" to assist when you accidentally ingest gluten. It is supposed to break down the gluten before it reaches the intestines. It is not intended for large amounts of gluten. Have you heard of this, and does it work?


Sources of Hidden Gluten

I am on a gluten-free diet, but I still have some problems and am suspicious of hidden gluten in foods I eat. Is there a list of common ingredients that are not gluten-free, but seem to be according to the words used (i.e. caramel color, when derived from malted barley)?


Gluten-Free Nutrition for Pregnancy

I am 9 weeks pregnant. How do I ensure I am getting enough nutrients for my child? Should I be taking 2 prenatal vitamins? My first OB appointment is coming up, and I need to know what questions to ask her.


Gluten-Free Cracker Causes Stomach Upset

I recently ate some crackers that were labeled gluten-free, but I became violently ill. I vomited and had diarrhea. This was the most sick I have ever become from inadvertently eating gluten. The packaging said the crackers contained millet, which I have read is gluten-free. Any thoughts?


Gluten-Free Cheesecake and Bread Alternatives

Is cheesecake filling gluten-free? Also, what gluten-free bread do you think tastes the most like whole wheat bread, or do you recommend baking your own bread?


How to Lower Cholesterol While Staying Gluten-Free

I am gluten-free, have a slight thyroid issue, and need to lower my cholesterol. As a celiac, I watch my intake carefully and do not cheat or ingest foods with high cholesterol. Help!


Celiac, Vegetarian and Low Iodine: What to Eat?

I have celiac disease and am a vegetarian. I recently had my thyroid removed for grave's disease, goiters, and enlarged thyroid. They discovered thyroid cancer. I started a low iodine diet 2 days ago in preparation for radioactive iodine treatment. It is challenging right now to meet my dietary needs. I read that some recommend avoiding rice on the low iodine diet. There are also many legumes, dairy and soy items that one must avoid. Do you have any suggestions and/or insights on the rice, dairy and soy?


Feeling "Withdrawal" From Gluten

I just found out I have a gluten allergy. I've restricted all gluten (that I know of) for about 5 days now. I feel really weird in the morning after I've eaten breakfast. It feels like my body is going through withdrawal. Is this normal?


Finding Gluten-Free Foods

I'm having a hard time finding out exactly what gluten is. What foods have more gluten than others, and which foods could I try that have less gluten? My doctor told me to start having low gluten foods, but I can't seem to find what those would be!


Stubborn Symptoms

I got diagnosed with celiac disease via blood test last May, and I am still having symptoms, i.e. inflammation in my digestive tract, fatigue, migraines, mouth sores, rash and flu-like symptoms. I am being extremely careful to follow the gluten-free diet. What could be the problem?

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