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Answers from a Dietitian

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Note: Answers from a Dietitian is intended for general questions about celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and/or the gluten-free diet. The information below is not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition. The information is not intended to establish a patient/provider relationship. Consult your doctor or nutritionist regarding specific individual health needs.


Oat Straw: Gluten-Free or Not?

For people with a gluten-related disorder, should oat straw consumption be treated the same as oats?


Losing Weight on the Gluten-Free Diet

I'm struggling to lose weight now that I've “mastered” the gluten-free diet after being on it for 4 years. Other than eating salads at every meal, do you have any suggestions or foods that I should totally avoid?


Gaining Healthy Weight with Celiac and Food Allergies

In the past 1.5 years, I've lost almost 60 lbs (not by choice). I found out it was due to a medication I was on and have since stopped taking it. I get IV treatments twice a week now (protein on one day, minerals the next) because I've lost allmuscle. I need to know how to gain weight properly, but I have now found out I have an allergy to milk and eggs. I need suggestions please. I'm so weak I can hardly walk.


Webinar Q&A with School Nutrition Consultant Gabriela Pacheco, RD, LD, SNS

Q: My daughter is 7 and in the second grade. She has celiac disease. As far as I know, no one else at her school has celiac. My question is that if I looked into the 504, will the school even take this into consideration? The food is prepared elsewhere and then brought to the school. I would like to know if this is something I should look into. It would be great if she could have a hot meal from time to time and eat what her friends are having.


Celiac and High Folate Levels

Annual blood work follow-up for vitamin levels indicate that I have very high folate levels although every other test is in the low range. What foods should I eliminate from my diet to reduce high folate levels?


Celiac Disease and Multiple Food Allergies

My six year old daughter has celiac disease and is lactose intolerant and can't have soy, corn, or rice. What can she have? Where can I find it? How can I get financial assistance?


Modified Food Starch and Maltodextrin

Do you need to avoid modified food starch and maltodextrin to be gluten-free? The books and cookbooks I have read seem to say yes, unless it specifies it was made from corn. However, I am seeing more and more products with those ingredients labeling themselves gluten-free. Case in point, Quaker Cheese Rice Cakes contain both ingredients but advertise boldly they are gluten-free. Help?


Webinar Q&A with Registered Dietitian Tricia Thompson, MS, RD

The following questions were submitted following the webinar. Tricia Thompson, MS, RD, addresses the questions below:


Fiber and the Gluten-Free Diet

I was diagnosed with celiac 6 years ago at the age of 56. I was just operated on for acute/severe diverticulitis. How can I get enough fiber in my diet for this not to occur again? Thank you.


Gluten-Free Snacks On-The-Go

Any suggestions for easy to locate gluten-free treats - and by treat I mean something your mom would have only let you have once in a blue moon. I found myself recently at a grocery store in rural West Virginia and really wanted some snacks for the road, only the selections were really limited. What gluten-free treats are pretty readily available, even in the middle of nowhere? Thanks!


Diabetes and Celiac Disease

I need help for my granddaughter who has celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. It seems that I have been working so hard on the diabetic eating that the gluten-free side seems impossible and expensive. Any suggestions?


Gluten and Caramel Coloring

How do I know what caramel coloring is bad? I am fairly new to celiac and trying to figure out what items bother me.


Gluten-Free Lip Balm

I need to find a product that I can use for lip balm and the area between the nose and lips. I have a cold and feel like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with sore red lips and area. I am very allergic to mint and mint products. Please help. Thank you.


Risks of Cross-Contamination in Restaurants

How serious is the risk of cross-contamination in a restaurant in terms of getting a celiac reaction? Is contaminated oil or a griddle used to make pancakes and eggs (like at a diner) harmful to a celiac?


Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH)

I'm over 60 and newly gluten sensitive. I suspect I have DH; skin itches, especially ears/face/shins, arms; also acid reflux. I am eating gluten free. Other suggestions?


Gluten-Free, Lactose Intolerant and Reacting to Fruits and Vegetables

I have had celiac disease for 4 years now and wondering if I can return to eating normal food yet. My doctor doesn't really tell me much except to keep eating the way I have been. You're supposed to lose weight doing this but I haven't. Why? I also have IBS and lactose intolerance. Fruits and veggies blow me up. What to do?


Resources for Teens on a Gluten-Free Diet

My son's test results just came back and they show he is sensitive to gluten (as well as cow's milk, eggs and soy). I have been gluten-free for several years, but since neither of my children showed obvious signs, I didn't have them tested until now.


Gluten and Skin

Can gluten containing ingredients irritate the skin (like wheat protein in shampoo, for instance)?


Constipation Remedies for Children with Celiac Disease

My daughter, age 2, was diagnosed 3 months ago with celiac. Just recently we are having a huge issue with constipation. Do you have any suggestions?


Gluten-Free Diet for Non-Celiac, Non-Gluten Sensitive People

We are doing a project on hypothetically creating a gluten-free restaurant. I was wondering if living a gluten-free lifestyle is good for people who do not suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity?


Fruits and Vegetables for Celiacs

How many serving of vegetables and fruit should a celiac adult have a day? Is there a recommended daily allowance (RDA) chart that celiacs follow?


Allergic to Oat Bran

I recently found out I am allergic to oat bran, but not oats. Do rolled oats or oat flour contain oat bran? How do I know which oat products to avoid? Help please!


Can I Drink Scotch?

Is it OK to drink a scotch and water, one drink per night, with celiac disease?


Gluten-Free Grains Other Than Rice

My tTG is 296 - that's strongly positive. I cannot digest rice. Please suggest some other grains that are easy to digest.


Gluten Challenge for Accurate Celiac Disease Testing

I've been gluten-free for a while and I'm getting tested for celiac disease. How much gluten should I consume before getting the celiac blood panel?

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