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Seriously, Celiac Disease 

Relatives of people with celiac disease are also at-risk for developing this serious genetic autoimmune disease. Talk to them. Tell them the facts. Urge them to test. Beyond Celiac can show you how.

Philadelphia Award

Beyond Celiac CEO Alice Bast recieved the 2010 Philadelphia Award. Learn more about Alice and the award.

The Impact of Celiac Disease on Families

Families face the burden of watching their children struggle until finally, they get an actual diagnosis.


The Voices of Celiac Disease

You are at the center of everything we do at Beyond Celiac. It is your stories that drive our work day in and day out. In 2013, Beyond Celiac celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Voices of Celiac Disease is the video series that was released in honor of this milestone.

Note: At the time these videos were created, Beyond Celiac was known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Learn more about the name change here.

Beyond Celiac thanks Sarena Snider and The Snider Foundation for supporting the production of this important series.

Alice Bast, President & CEO of Beyond Celiac Shares Her Story

Brett Ravitz, Grocery Store Owner & Father of a Child with Celiac Disease

Brett Ravitz Shares His Story
A father recalls his first time navigating his own grocery store and struggling to find gluten-free options for his son and how that experience changed his store.


AJ Clemens Talks about His Life with Celiac Disease

AJ Clemens

AJ and Conner Clemens, Beyond Celiac Athlete for Awareness and his sister share their celiac disease experience. 


Tema Esberg Talks about Getting Her Two Children Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

Tema Esberg

Tema talks about the dramatic change in her children after their diagnoses and adoption of the gluten-free diet. 


Watch the entire Voices of Celiac Disease video series here.

Changing the Conversation 

Change needs to happen in order for people with celiac disease to live better, longer. We have the power to make it happen, just by changing the conversation. 

Changing the Conversation about Research 
Changing the Conversation about Research

We can make progress in research just by letting our voices be heard. 

Changing the Conversation with Restaurants

Changing the Conversation in Restaurants

Being taken seriously in restaurants begins with clear communication.


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