World Record Holder with Celiac Disease to Enter Football Hall of Fame

September 6, 2012

World Record Holder with Celiac Disease to Enter Football Hall of Fame

Craig Pinto, a former professional indoor football player, will be inducted into the American Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

Former indoor football pro Craig Pinto will be honored for his contributions to the celiac disease community as he is inducted into The American Football Hall of Fame this coming November, according to an announcement posted by fellow celiac Brandy Wendler (also known as Mrs. Alaska International 2012). In a ceremony honoring “A League of Extraordinary People,” Pinto will be honored for using his football skills for the greater good of the community.

Fueled by his own celiac diagnosis, Pinto began working to raise awareness for the autoimmune disease. In 2011, he founded a nonprofit organization, Kicking 4 Celiac, which is dedicated to celiac awareness and education. He works to raise funds for his own nonprofit as well as other celiac related research centers and nonprofits. For the past two years, Pinto has hosted a fundraising event in which he attempted to break the world record for most field goals kicked in a certain amount of hours. He succeeded in breaking the record in 2010, when he kicked 717 field goals in 12 hours, and in 2011, when he kicked 1,000 field goals in 24 hours.

Pinto shared his story of diagnosis in GREAT U, NFCA’s digital magazine for gluten-free college students. His feature article can be found on page 19.

For more information on Pinto’s Hall of Fame honor, visit A Spoonful of Wellness.

Congratulations to Pinto on his success!

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