Think, Care, Act: Celiac Disease is Focal Point of School Project

February 15, 2017

Think, Care, Act: Celiac Disease is Focal Point of School Project

Beyond Celiac volunteer Elle Miller shines light on celiac disease for school project.

With kids like Elle Miller on our side, the future of celiac disease looks bright!

Elle, a fifth grader living with celiac disease, was assigned to work on a project for the “Think, Care, Act” program at her school. As part of the project, Elle created and implemented a plan to raise money to support Beyond Celiac. Not only did she put fundraising buckets at local businesses that serve the gluten-free and celiac disease community, she also made gluten-free cookbooks to sell, with the proceeds benefiting Beyond Celiac.

Elle Miller Giving Presentation on Celiac Disease

Way to go, Elle!

On February 13, Elle presented her project to teachers and parents, further raising awareness of this serious genetic autoimmune disease. This, however, isn’t the first time that Elle has made significant contributions to the organization. Elle and her sister, Joss, were honored at the 2016 Samuel Gee Society Reception hosted by Beyond Celiac for their generous support. Instead of birthday presents, the girls asked that donations be made to Beyond Celiac so that they could help other kids living with celiac disease. Check out an adorable video created by Elle and Joss here. They talk about their passion for raising money and advancing celiac disease research at the 58 second mark.

Beyond Celiac cannot thank Elle and Joss enough for their support! Their philanthropic spirit at such a young age is an inspiration. We also thank the businesses and their customers who supported our organization:

  • B. Good in Wynnewood, PA
  • Jules Thin Crust Pizza in Ardmore, PA
  • Sweet Freedom Bakery in Bryn Mawr, PA

Congrats to Elle on a successful project!