Starbucks Light Frappuccinos Now Contain Gluten

May 11, 2010

Starbucks Light Frappuccinos Now Contain Gluten

Company’s new recipe includes contaminated base mix.

The newly reformulated Starbucks Frappuccino Light recipe has been found to contain gluten.

According to The Seattle Times:

“The new base mix for light Frappuccinos now includes gluten, a depressing fact for fans with celiac disease and other forms of gluten intolerance. The regular Frappuccino base mix does not have gluten as an ingredient, but is not officially designated gluten-free because of the risk of cross-contamination. Customers who want a reduced calorie Frappuccino but are sensitive to gluten can request non-fat milk in a regular Frappuccino, the company said.”

For more information:

New Frappuccino recipe deletes dairy, adds gluten