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Our Step Beyond Celiac 5K is Back!

April 19, 2022
A photo of three people wearing the September 2021 Step Beyond Celiac 5K shirt. They are posing in front of a woodland trail.
Pictured: Sami T. and her family in their September 2021 Step Beyond Celiac 5K shirts.

This May we will once again be lacing up our shoes to get 3.1 miles closer to a cure.

Our Step Beyond Celiac 5K is an annual event that takes place each May for Celiac Awareness Month. Everyone is welcome to join this virtual race; you can walk, run, or roll the 3.1 miles wherever you are, any time in May. All proceeds will benefit our ongoing research initiatives.

Our Research

Make no mistake—your support has a real effect on the work we are able to do. There are more treatments in the drug development pipeline than ever before and those treatments are closer than ever to going to the FDA for approval. If you want to support those efforts directly, consider enrolling in a clinical trial.

With your support we’ve also been able to fund research looking into the effects of gluten on the brain, the true prevalence of celiac disease, and how the immune system of someone with celiac disease works—in short we’re looking at why this disease occurs, how it truly affects the body, and how many people are struggling with it.

This work is supported by you, our community. Every Step Beyond Celiac registration and fundraiser helps! There are already a number of fundraisers leading the charge toward treatments and a cure, including these two standouts:

Brad Tunstall

Ever since Brad Tunstall’s daughter Brooklynn was diagnosed with celiac disease, he has been dedicated to raising awareness for celiac disease. He plans to run a 5K for every $100 donated. Given that he’s currently raised just over $2,500, he will be running quite a bit in May! Thank you, Brad, for your dedication to the cause!

Tinja Anderson

Tinja Anderson has suffered with celiac disease for years, but as debilitating and isolating as it can be, she didn’t let it hold her back—she recently won the Ms. Texas International crown! Since then, she has been using her platform to raise awareness for celiac disease and is currently writing a gluten-free cookbook. Her SBC5K team Tinja’s Test Kitchen has already raised over $1,300! Thank you, Tinja!

Join the Fun

Support Brad’s or Tinja’s fundraisers, or register for the 5K and set up your own. If you register before April 30 you’ll receive a Step Beyond Celiac 5K t-shirt. Sign up today!

Think you may have celiac disease?

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